3M MP160 Pico Projector

23 12 2010

3M has just introduced a stand-alone pico-projector, named MP160. It is somewhat a chubby projector as compared to other pico-projectors and hence weighs much than other products. It is a super-splendid as well as a well-built projector. It may be proved to be a good projector if you are not disturbed by its circumference. It is a good option to buy this projector but it is pretty expensive.


This projector possesses some exciting features including:

  1. SVGA 800 x 600 resolutions
  2. Max image: 80”
  3. Touch Display
  4. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  5. Built-in Web Browser
  6. 30 lumens brightness and AV
  7. Composite and VGA connectors
  8. 0.75W speakers
  9. Battery Life: 2 hours

10.  3.5mm audio connectivity

11.  RCA wire


  • It produces bright and short-throw image.
  • Battery life is incredible.
  • Its construction is robust and strong.


Every product carries some disadvantages also, so is the case with MP160 projectors. Some of its negative aspects are as follows:

  • It is heavier than other pico-projectors.
  • There is no aspect ratio adjustment.
  • HDMI or mini-HDMI could have been better.


Its price is $350.

MP160 has proved itself much better than previous projectors due to its battery life and brighter images. It is the best choice for those people who want to throw shows and games on a bedroom wall.





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