Young Drivers More at Risk from Modern Gadgets

13 09 2011

With the advancement of science and technology, a lot of new gadgets have been invented to bring comfort to our lives. But I can’t digress to mention that more than acceptable use of advanced technology and comforts has also paid some bad impacts on our people’s life and health also. We should consider it serious that some inventions are greatly destructive to our productivity and make us idle. I was amazed to see the latest invention of USB hand and foot warmer, USB knee warmer, USB lunchbox warmer and even USB blanket!!

Especially our young people look more involved in and fond of using modern gadgets for fashion. Advancement in the gadgets like cell phone, Bluetooth, mini radio, additional computer hardware, video games in a toy shape etc. are in the top list of these gizmos which are capturing the attention of young ones. Easier access to internet through cell phone and invention of mini size DVD players are the alarming signs for things going to be happened in future.

These inventions have put our new generations on a great risk.  The young girls and boys look busy on their advanced mobile phones, video games and small size laptops everywhere instead of paying attention to their academic activities. It is not only causing to waste their time but also lessening their ability to be productive. They go on using modern gizmos distract fully which has diverted their attentions in many ways.  Mostly people of 17-24 ages are seen more involved in it. They don’t like to live stationary while having such gadget in their access.

Recently made researches and surveys reported that the excessive use of cell phone is extremely destructive to our mental health. These wireless small size gadgets create restlessness, disturbance, sleeplessness, fatigue and stress in people especially young gadget drivers. So they are on more risk for it.

Many cases have been filed when a little mistake causes a great mishap. For instance, engagement on cell phone while we are walking through the road or driving car, spending long hours on our desktop or internet just for entertainment, listening to radio while driving and not properly attentive to drive. It can be more dangerous than our expectations if we don’t take care.

It is now a legal order not to hear cell phone while driving, but it will also be useful if the use of gadgets including Bluetooth is also made illegal while walking through the road. It will make the student and young drivers of gizmos restricted in excessive use of these gadgets making it less harmful. Though science has made all inventions for us, but we should be balanced in getting good benefits of it.



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