Casio Exilim Hi-Speed EX-FS10S

21 09 2011

Do you want to be skilled golfer but some bad game habits are hampering in this? If so, don’t be worried anymore.

Casio is going to introduce a digital camera specially designed for golfers. Amazed?

Yeah..It is named Casio Exilim Hi-Speed EX-FS10S.

Casio Exilim Hi-Speed EX-FS10S not only keeps ability to capture still photos and video but is also some special feature for golfers. It can analyze the direction of your golf swing by displaying lines on the footage and assist you in correcting it. It can show you where you are making mistakes and how to correct it. Hi-Speed EX-FS10S detects the movements and postures of your elbow, arms and head.

It can advise you necessary improvements for a good swing.

The general features of Casio Exilim Hi-Speed EX-FS10S are:

  1. 2.5-inches LCD Display
  2. 9.1 Megapixel Resolution
  3. Weight 139-Grams
  4. 3x Optical Zoom
  5. 4x Digital Zoom
  6. High speed video recording with 1000fps burst mode
  7. 32MB of Internal Memory
  8. Colors available Blue, Red, Grey and White

Casio Exilim Hi-Speed EX-FS10S will be available in Japan market from November 26, 2009 with price of 34800 JPY. I hope it will gain popularity not only among the golfers but also the digital camera users.




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