Gboard, A Good Christmas Gift Choice For Gmail Lovers

27 09 2011

You must have heard about Gmail Keyboard, it can be good choice for a gift of Christmas to give your friends who love Gmail. It is an easy to use gadget just like any other keyboard.

Gboard (Gmail keyboard) has 19 keys on it. This Gboard is just like a numeric-only keypad with very simple format. It is attached with computer simply by plugging it in one of the available ports like other full size keyboard. No installation and driver software is required for it but only needs to activate the shortcuts from the Gmail account for Gboard. Your friend will surely love this gift which makes using Gmail easier. It provides shortcuts for checking messages, creating new message thread, jumping between the message threads etc.

Like every gadget, Gboard also carries some good and some bad aspects with itself. Though it is specially designed for Gmail shortcuts, but still it does not support all 69 shortcuts of Gmail. Out of Gmail it works for any alphabet or numbers. But it is very hard to learn it as a normal QWERT keyboard because it makes the work complicated and slow in speed. If the Gmail shortcuts change, this 19 keys gadget will need to update. Good features include its different color keys which enable users to learn and use it easily. Its keys are flat like a laptop keys.

This interesting gadget was invented by a film producer named Charlie who was also Gmail addict. Though it has less buttons yet but it is good step toward creating a full 100-keys keyboard with Gmail shortcuts on it. I hope that new 100-keys keyboard will be more beneficial to all kind of users equally. it is available in market only for $19.99. 




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