Samsung SCH U-490 Trance Comes with a Bug

18 10 2011

Recently updated model of Samsung Trance SCH U-490 is found containing bugs!!

According to a couple of days ago updates, Verizon started supporting OTA for Samsung Trance and Samsung Intensity. It was the time when Samsung users attracted toward the development hearing about over-the-air software in new SCH U-490.

A lot of complaints are reported from the users that the new Samsung SCH-U-490 does not support them in their text messaging and editing. Text quality is offensive. Even when they try to view their inbox folder, the handset resets itself automatically which makes the users to see incoming messages almost impossible. This is the big deficiency of the new Samsung SCH U-490 Trance which the users are facing and this making the business people more teed off.

It is too early to raise a finger on Verizon before they report or comment about the matter and bring some solution for it. But it is known that it has left a blot on the performance.




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