USB Gadgets for Fun

27 01 2012

USB Gifts for Fun: All these devices are powered by computer/laptop and easy to install without any driver. You can plug and play easily.

USB Pole Dancer: This is one of the most enjoyable USB gadgets. She (the dancer) will perform pole dance for you when the music is played from your computer as its USB port is plugged into your computer. Yeah..she can dance for you for not only your favorite tones but also for your own created sounds. It is the most interesting and entertaining USB gadget gift I have ever seen. It is an outstanding gift for your loved one loves to enjoy dance.

USB Voice Recorder: Another USB gadget gift can entertain you with a lot of audio music or sounds. It comes even with 8 GB memory and can record up to 160 hours long recordings. It is as small as you can fix it anywhere easily during meeting, seminar or a concert. You can add, delete and modify sounds on it by plugging it on your computer. Though it is little in size but works great!

USB Panic Button: It can be the best gadget for the undisciplined employees. Not a joke!

USB Panic Button protects the people to be caught who like to make their own activities at office (like movies, games or any fun stuff). By pressing the button, it immediately hides the currently running windows and set the work pages on the front. Yeah…your boss can not catch you playing games at office if you use Panic Button device. It is small in size and takes less space to be hidden easily on your workstation. You only need to keep inserting the USB cable into the port and press the button at the time of ‘danger’, and it will work the rest.

USB Missile Launcher: It is another plug and play device for fun. USB Missile Launcher has 3 foam missiles with 4 feet long cable. It can move up, down, left and right to exactly focus and shoot its target. You can control its setting and ‘control panel’ easily through keyboard and mouse. It can shoot up to 15 feet distance and play sound effects while shooting. You can also download or modify your own created sounds. You can send this gift to your friends, they will love it.

USB Disco Ball: Do you remember the disco balls in the old school parties? It is similar to those. When you insert the cable into USB port, it entertains you by rotating round, splashing multi-color lights all over the room and creating a real dance atmosphere. Its colored mirrors with led lights make the atmosphere so romantic and charming when the lights break-up on the walls, ceiling and all around. It really creates fun for viewers. Big disco balls are still in trend for dance parties, music concerts, weddings and even home parties, while you can enjoy a small size disco ball on your desktop. You can also use it when you are not near your PC by recharging it with small battery.

USB Ghost Radar: It is a USB device which can detect the presence of ghosts, Casper or spirits around you. By inserting the USB into your computer port, it detects the unusual magnetic rays rising in your room and beeps with specific sound and light when it catches the ghost near it. It will beep louder depending on the situation if ghost is closer to the device. A gift of USB Ghost Radar can either bring peace of mind to your friends or even make them restless realizing the ghost near them!! So it is fun gadget for those who really do not believe in ghosts.

USB Mix Tape: You remember about the old mix tape player? It is now days facing the loss of medium but USB Mix Tape have brought that fun again. It is really a fun gift for your friend. You can create or modify your own sounds by plugging-in the USB on your computer and then play it on the Mix tape easily. It plays sound by placing USB stick inside it. It takes less space as compared to other kind of sound players and easy to pack as a gift. You can also write your message on its cover for your friend. It can store high quality music.




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