IE9 Hits 2 Million downloads in First 48 Hours

15 02 2012

Microsoft is very proud to unveil its IE9 unveiled on 15th September has received the quite overwhelming response from its users. Microsoft is eager at hitting the 2 million downloads in just 48 hours as compared to Internet Explorer Beta 8 that received the 1.3 million downloads over a 5 days period.

Microsoft’s Roger Capriotti said, “Last week on the 15th, we released Internet Explorer Beta 9. The initial reaction has been pretty overwhelming, and we are very humbled by the response our customers have had.”

Roger Capriotti, said on the Windows Blog, “it is very encouraging to see that as people have had a chance to dig deeper into the IE9 beta, the reaction has been equally positive.”

IE9 has become a tough nominee to the rivalry due to the combination of HTML 5 and a hardware accelerated browser. Only those who are running version of Windows 7 will be able to take benefit from this browser. However, Windows XP users do not have access to IE9 and it is negative point because bulk of Indian users is still running Windows XP.



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