ZUNE HD 32, The Best Portable Media Player

22 03 2012

ZUNE HD 32, a portable MP3 media player earned great popularity with its users when it was released on September 2009 by Microsoft. All music lovers loved this touch screen gadget which enabled them to enjoy music, videos, internet, graphics, FM Radio, marketplace, social and podcast features all in one gadget. With ZUNE HD 32, you are able to enjoy your favorite tracks and sounds, brows interest, carry quality graphics with you and enjoy many other features anywhere anytime. It is small in size even you can keep it in your pocket.

New ZUNE HD-32 holds 32GB memory storage which can save up to 8000 songs, 25000 graphics, and 48 hours of video recording duration in a 52.7 x 102.1 x 8.9 mm size and 2.6 g weight gadget. Touch screen area captures 3.3 inches of 480 x 272 pixels. This is a wireless gadget which supports 3.5 mm headsphone jack and JPEG format for graphics. Wireless connectivity is 802.1lb/g compatible.

It works with a charging battery that takes 3 hours if you charge it connecting with your PC and 2 hours approximately if start charging via A/C adaptor. It can play continuously 33 hours music or approximately 8 hours video for you. It has simple profiles, CPR and VBR. Moreover, it has excellent audio and video support for the following formats to play quality sounds for you:

  • Windows Media Audio Standard (WMA)
  • MP3
  • Windows Media Video (WMV)
  • MPEG-4

It is not only for music. It provides instant assess to news, FM Radio emails, surfing the internet with full QWERTY keyboard and touch screen. It can zoom in the images for you while playing it.

It is easy to use like a handset. But it does not hold phone for you. It has 3 languages English, French and Spanish to show its menus and program. It is available in Platinum Silver color for price of $267.99.




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