Intel Unveils New Mobile Processor Pricing List

27 09 2010

Intel has updated its processor pricing list with new Core i-series chips that includes Core i5 and i7 chips that are extensively used.

Intel updates its list on September 26 including two Core i5 mobile chips for laptops that are i5-580M and i5-560M. The i5-580M is 2.66Hz and it is priced at $266 whereas i5-560M is available at $225.

Intel also newly listed the Core 1.33GHz i5-560UM with 3M L2 cache, two cores, four threads and 32-nanometer and its cost is $250 where “UM” indicates ultralow power. These chips classically go in laptops and tablets.

2.26GHz Core i7-660LM with 4M L2 cache, two cores, four threads and 32nm, more power-efficient is listed at $346 whereas the most power efficient 1.46GHz i7-680UM with 4M L2 cache, two cores, four threads and 32nm is set at $317. Intel’s mobile Core i7 chips got updated as well. The 2.8GHz i7-640M with M L2 cache, two cores and four threads are priced at $346.

Intel also lists new mobile Celeron processors i.e. the P4600 and T3500. These processors are priced at $86 and $80, respectively.

Intel’s Superchilled Test Rig

7 08 2010

Giant Intel claimed the trophy with its superchilled rig running at enormous 5 GHz clock speed in consideration of that dare that PC Pro had issued last week. The dare issued by PC Pro was that whose PC can render a 3D graphics bench mark in the shortest duration of time.

Intel’s Alistair Kemp said:

“Well here at Intel we could not resist the challenge, particularly when in our IT department we have overclocking nut Steve ‘DaFridgie’ Anderson. We gave him the challenge of beating 60 secs but restricted him to only a single-socket setup. Last night he ran it on his rig. Result: 50 seconds to complete.”

System’s specifications are as follows:

  • Chassis – Dimastech test rig
  • Memory – Corsair Dominator GT memory that is 2250 CAS 8 running while running at 2046 at CAS 7
  • Processor – Intel Core 17 980x retail CPU
  • Storage – Seagate 160GB Sata drive (16 MB cache)
  • Graphics Card – 1x EVGA GTX480
  • Power Supply – 2 x Corsair 950 Single Rail Power supply (1 for the graphic card and 1 for the system) automatically switched
  • CPU Cooling – Asetek  Light speed refrigerated cooling system with a running temperature range of -40 to -32 °C at 18 °C ambient temperature
  • Mother Board – EVGA Classified X4 E762 motherboard
  • Construction – Custom built for performance not for the looks