Eco’s Latest Gadget, Eco Kettle 2

6 10 2011

Eco has introduced their latest Eco Kettle 2 which has more functions for comfort. This smart gadget can serve you saving water, time, energy and cost at a time.

Eco Kettle in internally illuminated and dual-chambered of 2.2KW purely made of stainless steal. It has high quality with ability to control the steam and boil the liquid (water) with protection without wasting it. It has boiling capacity for 200ml up to 1.5l liquid. It does not only boils but also serves to keep the liquid hot for you.

It is very energy efficient and works ensuring the quality. You only need to pour the liquid into kettle, lock the lid and tell it the number of cups you need boiled by pressing a button. It will do the rest for you. It takes 31% less energy as compared to traditional electric kettles. It keeps washable limescale filter and surely cuts the cost of power required for any other kettle. It has 360° base with cord storage. More features of Eco Kettle 2 are 220/240 Volts AC, EN60335 and durability to its users. Eco offers 12 months warranty for their latest Eco kettle 2. It is available in market for £40.

19 Titles for EU Kinect Launch

19 10 2010

Microsoft is launching its Kinect motion control system on November 4. The game is one of 19 Kinect-enabled titles. Vice President of IEB, Microsoft EMEA Chris Lewis said, “The line-up of games we are launching along with Kinect delivers an astonishing range of experiences and entertainment which can be enjoyed by everyone.”

This game creates more natural and responsive experience for people of all interest and skill level. Kinect is Microsoft’s shot to reposition the Xbox away from the conventional gaming market. This is prepared having much emphasis on family accessibility. “Kinect Adventures” is integrated with every Kinect sensor.

As of Electronic Arts, the fitness simulator contains a heart rate monitor, wireless functionality, and an online hub for tracking digital conditioning data. In addition, using Kinect’s technology, users will be proficient to navigate onscreen menus via voice and gesture recognition.

The Kinect titles are as under:

  • Kinect Adventures
  • Kinectimals (November 10)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 The Videogame (November 19)
  • Game Party: In Motion  (November 26)
  • Dance Central (MTV Games/Harmonix) (November 10)
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved (November 10)
  • The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout (November 10)
  • A SPORTS Active 2 (November 19)
  • Zumba Fitness (November 26)
  • Get Fit With Mel B (November 26)
  • DanceEvolution (November 10)
  • Dance Paradise (November 10)
  • Kinect Sports (November 10)
  • MotionSports (November 10)
  • Sports Island Freedom (November 26)
  • Kinect Joy Ride (November 10)
  • Fighters Uncaged (November 10)
  • SONIC FREE RIDERS (November 10)
  • CROSSBOARD 7 (November 10)

    Balanzza Mini Digital Luggage Scale

    5 07 2010

    Sometimes our luggage gets extra but we have no idea about it. When we go to the airport we often feel embarrassment for the extra charges of our extra luggage. You can avoid this situation and save your money for extra luggage from the airlines. You can check your luggage weight at home by yourself. Is it amazing? But the question is how? So there is a wonderful invention by Balanzza with the help we can measure our luggage weight by our self.

    So be ready from home with the help of Balanzza Mini Digital Luggage Scale, it is really helpful for everyone. This device is not much expensive, you can get it from £19.99 and you are able to know about your luggage weight. What you have to do is just fasten your luggage to the strap, hold it from the scales and get a reading through its screen. It is switchable between lbs and Kgs and really save you from being embarrassed. It guides you what things are necessary and hope you can save money and can spend it on other matters. Be informed that it has a utmost weight reading of 44kg or 111lbs.

    The Ecotones Sleep Sound Machine

    28 06 2010

    Many people are suffering from anxiety and tensions so they could not sleep well and take different sleeping pills. Sleeping is a natural necessity and if it gets disturbed then the health of the person may get down. From the latest research we have able to know that sleeping pills have different side effects and are very dangerous for the health of a person. So instead of taking help from the pills you can pick up the latest Ecotones Duet Sleep Sound Machine. It is one of the best efforts of the engineers to get sleep without taking pills.
    In it you will find 10 natural sound recordings that will help to make environment realistic, relax and natural as possible for sleep. Even though they don’t say what all of those recordings include. It comes with three richness settings whose work is to manage the additional sounds. Its further feature includes sleep timer and adaptive.They help it in manual operating modes. It come in the market with price $111.66.

    Black and Decker Alligator Lopper

    15 05 2010

    Black & Decker Alligator Lopper is a very useful and awesome tool. It is scarcely more versatile chainsaw and can do some of things you can do with an ordinary chainsaw and hedge clippers. The cut capacity of Alligator Lopper is up to 4 inches and has 4.5 amp motor. The clamping jaws of Alligator Lopper offer ultimate controlled cutting and make cutting trough branches easy and fast. It has rugged metal guards that can cover jaws to protect you from cutting chain and immediately cover blades once the cut is complete.

    The scissor action allows fast and easy cutting. Alligator Lopper is great for pruning trees & shrubs. This is also ideal for cutting downed logs and branches for clean-up after storm. It has giant pair of scissors and it is more convenient. You can get this Alligator Lopper for a little over $100.