LBO Light Touch Projector

26 12 2011

LBO introduced a new kind of keyboard on this CES for the technology fans to experience innovative technology features with a versatile device. Their new technology is called Light Blue Optics, Light Touch Projector.

This is an amazing and unbelievable projector that converts a flat surface into a 10 inches touch screen.  This small projector device reflects the multimedia contents in a small screen view where users can input commands like they do in their handheld device. Its Holographic Laser Projection technology creates rich quality bright video images in WVGA resolution and the integrated infrared sensor detects that motion to turn the projected image into virtual touch screen.

LBO Light Touch Projector is 98 x 35 x 165 mm in size with size of 400g that is a full color holographic laser projection. Its light does not harm your eyes at any condition. Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 software application is used with 2GB flash memory in it. It is workable under 5 to 35oC.

It runs Windows CE operating system and is capable of Wi-Fi connectivity. Built-in Wi-Fi helps to connect with internet immediately and you can have a rich performance and excellent functionality experience with LBO Light Touch for social networking, multimedia and many more.

This advanced technology is hopefully going to be used in several multiple purposes in future. It is a reference product which will be made available to other manufacturers. Price is not yet defined.


Credit Card Payment Via iPhone

15 12 2011

The new year started and still we talk about iPhone. With the start of 2010, new feature are added to iPhone for its users which is not only attracting new customers but also retaining the old ones.

Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey has started up a new company called Square. Square has introduced a device which will be used on iPhone. Are you wondering what the function of this device is?

This device will work while attaching on the headphone jack of iPhone and the feature can be said to exchange money. It will enable the users to execute their credit transactions via iPhone. This device does not require any installation and works directly after it is plugged-in with iPhone. It made the credit card payment easier. No matter who you are and where you are, at home, office, walking through a street, in a garden, or even a desert, you can easily make you credit card payments just by plugging-in the device with your iPhone.

According to Dorsey, he got the idea of introducing this device nearly a year ago. He knew a glass artist who lost his $2,000 only because his customer paid him through credit card which he was unable to accept. Then Dorsey though to make this facility available to all via iPhone.  This device is actually a credit card reader which reads the credit card and turns your handset in a credit processing terminal.  It is really a big business solution. When Apple released iPhone, even they may have no idea that their gadget will become a credit processing terminal to the business people. This innovation will really prove effective for the business owners. They can proceed their credit transactions while they are anywhere without dropping the response or dilatory.

New Apple iMac, Faster Computing with Stunning Look

14 12 2011

Apple is always engaged to introduce their innovations in gadgets, especially in computers. The new iMac is their ultimate innovations in Mac.

New iMac came with more power than before with a stylish and stunning look and strong features. Its LED-Blacklit Display lets you enjoy real images and videos. Using its iSight camera which is right behind the glass screen, you can share live video with three friends simultaneously. It is pre-installed in iMac and using iSight with Photo Booth you can create different effects on your images. You can easily mount you iMac on the wall to make it more eloquent in view. You can enjoy four USB devices simultaneously.

The slim mouse is really a magic. You can set any configuration for its click buttons. Moreover, its multi-touch technology supports scrolling, screen zoom, back and forward features on a finger movement. Wireless keyboard takes 24% less space than traditional keyboards. New iMac lets you enjoy the 2x faster computing with style. You can work with multiple applications without dropping response.

It comes in two different sizes but carries the same features. Here I will describe 27-inch iMac. Highlights of technical specifications which an iMac holds are as follows:

  1. 20.4 x 25.6 x 8.15 inches size and 13.8 kg weight for 27-inch display iMac
  2. Resolution 2560 x 1440 with millions of colors
  3. Matrix liquid crystal display technology
  4. 2.8Ghz quad-core i7 processor
  5. 1TB 7200-rpm Serial ATA hard drive storage
  6. Wi-Fi wireless networking
  7. Built-in stereo speakers, microphone, amplifiers and Bluetooth
  8. Built-in iSight camera
  9. Desktop and video mirroring modes supported
  10. Default software is Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard
  11. Four USB ports and SD card slot

New iMac helps you in everything either you want deal with your documents, manage images, edit videos or even play games. New Apple iMac looks great and stunning from any angel you watch. This innovation is ideally fit for those who always look for the innovative technology to enjoy their computing and it is easily available at Apple Stores either retail or online.

RIM Blames Outage on Messenger Software Flaws

15 11 2011

North and South America users of Blackberry RIM faced outage in their mobile messenger service on 22 December. This software bug made it almost impossible to communication via this handset. The mobile messenger was unable to connect internet, deliver emails, make phone calls and even SMS.

This is the second error following the first within 5 days which Blackberry users experienced and still it is continued with the users. Last time some communication bugs came in February which lasted for 3 hours.

A statement from RIM was heard last day, “Root cause is currently under review, but based on preliminary analysis, it currently appears that the issue stemmed from a flaw in two recently released versions of BlackBerry Messenger (versions and that caused an unanticipated database issue within the BlackBerry infrastructure. RIM has taken corrective action to restore service.”

Details of the bugs are still not clear but it may take several days to figure out the root of issue. The above statement seems less than enough welcoming the users of Blackberry. No doubt it is a big flaw in the messenger software application of the handset and it made a question mark on the services of Blackberry RIM. Let’s see in how many time they succeed to figure out the root error to retain their customers.

The users who are still experiencing outage in communication or messaging services with Blackberry messenger software are advised to either update their software immediately via Blackberry App World or browsing through Blackberry browser.

Top 5 Beauty Gadget Gifts for Women

14 11 2011

Women have been conscious about their beauty and always care about it. The facial beauty has been more important to them ever. They are always seen anxious in adopting modern technology and tips for enhancing their facial beauty. Modern technology innovations and developments have made it easier for them to apply those beauty tips easily at home without having side effects. The latest beauty gadgets did not only help them develop their confidence but this confidence also supported them to indulge in more social activities with strong position.

Modern technology in beauty gadgets is no less than a blessing for all women equally and especially for those who find less time for personal care from their busy working routines. A beauty gadget can be more exciting and lovable gift for women. Here you can see some ideas about Christmas presents for females.

Nitrogen Wave Power Cleanser

This is a small gadget that can be easily held in one hand. It works with vibration on your facial skin. Its soft and smooth surface vibrates on skin and cleans away the dirt and makeup form skin spots easily. It works 10x deeper, faster and smooth than any traditional cleanser. It has two different speeds for different actions, one for gentle cleansing and second for deeper pore cleansing. It safely removed the dead skin cells and makes the facial skin soft, smooth and gorgeous. It is not harmful to your facial skin at all. Using Nitrogen Wave Power Cleanser is quite easy.

Zeno Acne Treatment

Zeno is the best gadget for acne and pimple treatment. It does not only help you get ride of acne on your facial skin but also to protect you from acne threats. It is helpful to get ride of acnes without any medication and using Zeno device is quite easy.

Zeno device can be held in palm easily and works by heating up your skin up to 120 degree with heat-shock proteins, which safely kills the bacteria causing acne on your skin. Zeno can be used up to 3 times daily and its heat does not harm or burn the sensitive skin cells at all. It can be used for facial skin excluding the delicate eye area.

Curling Iron

Usually women take more time when they need to go for a party. They want to look prettier with fewer efforts. Curling iron helps them to make gorgeous hair style at home with less efforts and little practice. This small tool can give several hot looks to your hair to show you more beautiful. It can be a good gift for a beauty conscious woman.

Fyola Facial Massager

Facial massager does not only give a smooth and soft massage to your face but it also work for many other treatments to your facial skin problems. Everybody knows that massage leaves remarkably good effects on skin. So this gadget has made the facial massage easier at home. With facial massage, your skin will look younger, healthier, fresh and smooth. This small portable gadget is handheld and slows down the aging effects and wrinkles. Facial massager stimulates the blood circulation in skin and provides good exercise for facial muscles. In short, it helps you keep you looking younger for long. It can be good gift for women over 40.

Artemis Women Heel Smoother

Hard and dry heels are not liked by any women. Specially in winter season, it becomes a tough battle to get ride of this problem. Artemis Heel Smoother makes your heels soft and smooth. Its rotating power tip removes the dead and hard skin of heels softly and protects the skin from growing dead again. You don’t need to use blades or hard stones for your tender heels when Artemis Heel Smoother is there for it. This gadget can be good gift idea.

Pandigital Photo Mail Frame, Share Pictures via Email

7 11 2011

Pandigital presented their new gadget, the PanTouch Clear Digital Photo Frame on CES that is really stunning in its features. It has been one of the favorite gadgets on the grand technology show. Can you believe this 8 inches device holds too many interesting features!

PanTouch Photo Mail Frame holds the screen area of 8.0 inches with resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. Contrast ratio is amazingly high and it is capable of multi-touch technology. It supports nine media card formats which include CF l, CF ll, SD, MS, MS Pro, MMC, XD, Micro Drive and USB port. Images can be uploaded and downloaded in JPEG format and video supporting format is AVI. This small gadget can also run MP3 audio sounds. It is a good supportive of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, not only the USB.

Pandigital Photo Mail Frame holds 5 buttons on its sides which function for moving the menus/images left, right, enter, exit or start setup for specific program. Along with stereo speakers, you can also enjoy sounds with a headphone, set alarm for important reminders and see calendar.

You can view the saved images either as single or slideshow, either flipped or rotated. It is touch-responsive and touching anywhere on the screen responses accordingly. You may be astonished to know that you can carry 6400 images in this small device without having cropped as it capable of 1GB internal memory. Even with its small size, it provides strong quality of images. It is really an amazing programmable device where you can hold your precious image data saved or email it to your friends.

It looks simply like a photo frame but actually it is much more than that. Not only its stylish look but its smart features also attracted people on CES which made it popular on the day of its announcement. I hope it will be favorite gadget to those who look for a portable photo carrier and enjoy it anywhere they want. It is more than a fun and an easy way to display and send pictures to your loved ones.

It comes with 1 year warranty of parts and labor. It is available with only $100 which is really a compatible price as compared to its features.

Skype on TV Now, Collaboration with Panasonic and LG

27 10 2011

Skype with the collaboration of Panasonic and LG announced their upcoming technology in International Consumer Electronic Show at Las Vegas, 2010. Now Skype will be available on Panasonic and LG TVs for voice and video communication with more comfort.

Skype has been the leader of online communication on internet. It exceeded quality and standards of internet communication with its increasing users. It left the Yahoo behind for the voice and video call standards in a few time. Seeing its popularity on computer and mobiles, Skype embedded this software available at HD TVs connected to internet with a bigger screen.

Skype will come installed on the Panasonic and LG Televisions by default. Now users can enjoy all the Skype’s features on their TV screen with more comfort and fun. Skype offers its users to:

  1. Make voice and video calls to other Skype users.
  2. Receive voice and video calls from other Skype friend’s Skype online numbers.
  3. Make calls on the landline and mobile of the friends with Skype’s low call rates like before.
  4. Send a voice mail to other Skype users.
  5. Enjoy voice conferences with 2 to 24 Skype parties simultaneously.
  6. Capture images from your live video call.

But the Skype on TV is coming with more innovations. It is as easy to use as from your computer but offers more fun. It is expected to come with a TV-ready webcam which is specially designed to work with Skype TV. This webcam holds microphone. Once you sign-in to Skype acount and attach this specially-developed webcam with your Skype TV, you just have a sofa and make/receive calls from your friends sitting at any distance. You don’t need to come close to the microphone or shout loudly like a traditional voice call sources. Voice and image quality is higher than before. This collaboration of Skype with Panasonic and LG is going to provide the users with hands-free and smooth voice and video calls while sitting at their living room.

Skype TV technology is expected to be coming in spring of 2010. I hope it will earn good response and market share, especially with Skype users.