Yahoo! Slipping Its Market Vs Google

13 08 2012

According to the market survey report made by Experian Hitwise, (an online market tracker), the month of October and November has not been so good for Yahoo Inc. and its partner. Hitwise reported that Yahoo! has decreased in its market share from 16.14% to 15.39% in November, while Google is still capturing the share of 71.57% of online market. This report represents that from the total searches made worldwide, Google is capturing more than 71% and Yahoo! capturing more than 15% only. It is an exciting news for Google but an alarming sign for Yahoo!. If Yahoo! does not maintain good market share, its deal with Microsoft will be adding no profits.

There may be a lot of reasons for the slipping share of online market for Yahoo!. From the time Yahoo! started partnership with Microsoft Corp., Yahoo is continuously going towards loss of market share, while the partnership of Google and Bing proved very beneficial for Google. Google really started giving more real time search results to the users. Also Google is continues to pour its efforts and investments to innovate its search features and results. Bing’s market hare also slipped from 9.57% to 9.34% in November. All anticipated benefits of Yahoo! are going to be blunt in their partnership.

Let’s see what the new year brings for Yahoo! online market share. Yahoo! needs to work harder to hit the huge difference of market share form Google and rise up from the continuous market share slipping.

IE9 Hits 2 Million downloads in First 48 Hours

15 02 2012

Microsoft is very proud to unveil its IE9 unveiled on 15th September has received the quite overwhelming response from its users. Microsoft is eager at hitting the 2 million downloads in just 48 hours as compared to Internet Explorer Beta 8 that received the 1.3 million downloads over a 5 days period.

Microsoft’s Roger Capriotti said, “Last week on the 15th, we released Internet Explorer Beta 9. The initial reaction has been pretty overwhelming, and we are very humbled by the response our customers have had.”

Roger Capriotti, said on the Windows Blog, “it is very encouraging to see that as people have had a chance to dig deeper into the IE9 beta, the reaction has been equally positive.”

IE9 has become a tough nominee to the rivalry due to the combination of HTML 5 and a hardware accelerated browser. Only those who are running version of Windows 7 will be able to take benefit from this browser. However, Windows XP users do not have access to IE9 and it is negative point because bulk of Indian users is still running Windows XP.

Pandigital Photo Mail Frame, Share Pictures via Email

7 11 2011

Pandigital presented their new gadget, the PanTouch Clear Digital Photo Frame on CES that is really stunning in its features. It has been one of the favorite gadgets on the grand technology show. Can you believe this 8 inches device holds too many interesting features!

PanTouch Photo Mail Frame holds the screen area of 8.0 inches with resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. Contrast ratio is amazingly high and it is capable of multi-touch technology. It supports nine media card formats which include CF l, CF ll, SD, MS, MS Pro, MMC, XD, Micro Drive and USB port. Images can be uploaded and downloaded in JPEG format and video supporting format is AVI. This small gadget can also run MP3 audio sounds. It is a good supportive of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, not only the USB.

Pandigital Photo Mail Frame holds 5 buttons on its sides which function for moving the menus/images left, right, enter, exit or start setup for specific program. Along with stereo speakers, you can also enjoy sounds with a headphone, set alarm for important reminders and see calendar.

You can view the saved images either as single or slideshow, either flipped or rotated. It is touch-responsive and touching anywhere on the screen responses accordingly. You may be astonished to know that you can carry 6400 images in this small device without having cropped as it capable of 1GB internal memory. Even with its small size, it provides strong quality of images. It is really an amazing programmable device where you can hold your precious image data saved or email it to your friends.

It looks simply like a photo frame but actually it is much more than that. Not only its stylish look but its smart features also attracted people on CES which made it popular on the day of its announcement. I hope it will be favorite gadget to those who look for a portable photo carrier and enjoy it anywhere they want. It is more than a fun and an easy way to display and send pictures to your loved ones.

It comes with 1 year warranty of parts and labor. It is available with only $100 which is really a compatible price as compared to its features.

Skype on TV Now, Collaboration with Panasonic and LG

27 10 2011

Skype with the collaboration of Panasonic and LG announced their upcoming technology in International Consumer Electronic Show at Las Vegas, 2010. Now Skype will be available on Panasonic and LG TVs for voice and video communication with more comfort.

Skype has been the leader of online communication on internet. It exceeded quality and standards of internet communication with its increasing users. It left the Yahoo behind for the voice and video call standards in a few time. Seeing its popularity on computer and mobiles, Skype embedded this software available at HD TVs connected to internet with a bigger screen.

Skype will come installed on the Panasonic and LG Televisions by default. Now users can enjoy all the Skype’s features on their TV screen with more comfort and fun. Skype offers its users to:

  1. Make voice and video calls to other Skype users.
  2. Receive voice and video calls from other Skype friend’s Skype online numbers.
  3. Make calls on the landline and mobile of the friends with Skype’s low call rates like before.
  4. Send a voice mail to other Skype users.
  5. Enjoy voice conferences with 2 to 24 Skype parties simultaneously.
  6. Capture images from your live video call.

But the Skype on TV is coming with more innovations. It is as easy to use as from your computer but offers more fun. It is expected to come with a TV-ready webcam which is specially designed to work with Skype TV. This webcam holds microphone. Once you sign-in to Skype acount and attach this specially-developed webcam with your Skype TV, you just have a sofa and make/receive calls from your friends sitting at any distance. You don’t need to come close to the microphone or shout loudly like a traditional voice call sources. Voice and image quality is higher than before. This collaboration of Skype with Panasonic and LG is going to provide the users with hands-free and smooth voice and video calls while sitting at their living room.

Skype TV technology is expected to be coming in spring of 2010. I hope it will earn good response and market share, especially with Skype users.

Yahoo AOL Merger Is a Bad Idea

15 10 2010

It is reported by the Wall Street Journal that private equity firms together with AOL are looking to merge AOL and Yahoo. We have disputed at one time that there is a need to take decisive actions to boost Yahoo’s stock price, and failing that private equity should look into buying Yahoo, and merging these two companies AOL and Yahoo, who are fundamentally and secularly challenged companies, is a bad idea. We know that two wrongs can never make a right. Any attempt by a private equity firm to buy Yahoo! or merge it with AOL will force MSFT (Microsoft) into making a full offer for yahoo.

There are several reasons why merging Yahoo and AOL is a bad idea:

  • This idea is bad due to that fact that there are no obvious scale benefits to merge these two companies in display, research or social networking.
  • Getting Yahoo’s board to agree to this will be tough although given the disasters handling of the Microsoft offer; they may be forced to seriously consider this one.
  • AOL is partner of Google and Yahoo is partner of Microsoft, and both are long term contracts.
  • Cost synergies will not be accretive that are adequate to add material value to the merged entity.

The fact is that both companies particularly Yahoo have failed to show any persuasive proof that they understand what the real-time web is about, or how they are going to get from where they are (which particularly in AOL’s case, is not a good place), and where they need to be in order to take advantage of that basic shift in the web functions. It’s true that both companies still have millions of unique monthly visitors, and advertising-based businesses that cater to those clients, but the future of that kind of platform is hazy.