Blackberry Presenter Helps to Deliver Presentations from Your Blackberry Smartphone

20 01 2010

Now no need to carry your laptop with you in meetings to deliver presentation. Leave your laptop behind and make presentations using your Blackberry Presenter.

Physical dimensions of Blackberry Presenter are 3.4 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches with 1lbs weight. Screen resolution is 640 x 480 (VGA), 800 x 600 (SVGA) or 1024 x 768 (XGA). It supports the wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR. It is capable to recognize English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. It can be held in a synthetic leather case which comes with it.

You just need to plug-in the Blackberry Presenter into a projector or monitor and select the “Present” option from the wizard on your Blackberry phone, and it will start presentation of MS PowerPoint slides.  It has a couple of video output ports like VGA+Analog. It is capable to store up to 100 slides coming from Blackberry.

The computer requirements to run presentations from your Blackberry Presenter are Windows XP or later versions of operating system and Intel compatible computer with a USB port. Also you need your Blackberry device which is running Blackberry Device Software 4.6 or later. This Presenter device can be used all Blackberry phone excluding Blackberry Curve 8530i and Blackberry Pearl (Flip) 8200 series.

Blackberry displayed this device in CES 2010 and gained good response and appreciation form the technology lovers. This great device especially valuable to the business people.

LG Lotus Elite, LG’s New Handset

19 01 2010

LG introduced a new mobile Lotus Elite LX610 which was displayed on CES 2010. It is an awesome looking handset which really brings beauty and functionality to an up level. Its stylish flip look will raise your social status up to significance. This is a gadget for those who desire style and functionality at one place.

The awesome LG LX610 handset holds the following technical specifications:

  • Display screen size 2.4 inches with resolution of 240 x 320 pixels (both internal and external)
  • 4.8 oz in weight with flip style
  • Touch responsive screen
  • 2MP autofocus camera and camcorder
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • External touch screen technology
  • Usage-time up to 5.9 hours and stand-by time 16.2 days
  • One-touch speakerphone
  • High speed data transmission
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate
  • 1,000 mAh battery

It features will also surprise the people. Feature highlights of the LG Lotus Elite are as following:

  • Its full QWERTY compact keyboard allows fast typing of messaging.
  • Hold the feature of instant messaging and mobile Email using your POP3/IMAP accounts.
  • Satisfies your multimedia needs as well with a good storage space. You can save images, video and MP3 music using its microSD storage.
  • You can not only talk hands-free using Bluetooth wireless connectivity, but also share contacts, music, print pictures and many more with hooking it up with laptop or desktop.
  • You can capture high resolution still photo and videos with its 2MP digital camera. It automatically focuses and helps you make high quality crisp images.
  • One of the important highlight of the Lotus Elite is that you can quickly access the social networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc with its Social Network Message keys. You can instantly access your friends circle on these networks via these dedicated keys. It is as easy as on your computer.

This handset is available in market from this January with price of US$99.99. LG LX610 is of square shape and available color is Red. It comes with two years warranty. I hope it will get good response and market share, especially with the users who want to keep connected with their social network.

Kodek PlaySport Zx3 Pocket Camcorder

11 01 2010

Kodek has recently introduced its rugged, waterproof pocket camcorder in CES 2010 which has been one of the favorite gadgets on CES list. This gadgets is called Kodek PlaySport Zx3. It was exhibited in CES where it earned great appreciation and popularity.

PlaySport Zx3 enables you to capture HD video 720p or 1080p. Its camera can zoom up to 5 megapixels for still photography which means great results. Using PlaySport Zx3 tools, you can easily upload your images and videos on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook that is quite interesting. It is capable to work even underwater up to 10 feet depth. It is also capable of electronic image stabilization and incredible in low-light performance. It can record up to 10 hours of HD video.

Kodek PlaySport Zx3 device is responsive with the D-pad over their old device Kodek Zi8. Though it is an underwater working device, that’s why it does not support USB and external mic when in water. It is not coming with virtual memory, so you have to put an additional SD card with it of your own.

This gadget is available in US and the online Kodek stores from April 2010 with price for $149.95 (US). This is the first device of photography that holds underwater performance features which will attract more users in the future. Its look is really loveable which girls will like more. Available colors will be black, blue and purple. I am seeing a good market share of this camera in future.

Top 5 Gadgets at CES 2010

9 01 2010

This year CES brought more amazing and innovative gadgets to the technology lovers. This is the third day of this global grand trade show. All of the gadgets are of highest stander and quality and capturing the hearts of people at CES.

Like every year, a lot of manufacturers presented their thousands of electronics and gadgets. These are from thee top list of the hot gadgets:

Project Natal

Microsoft revealed their coming product Xbox Project Natal which is going to release in November 2010. This is the first game control system of its type with which the gamer plays using gestures and spoken commands rather than joy stick or other game control hardware. Its TV mounted camera detects the movements of gamers’ body.  This great development in gaming technology will really get significant place in future and attract the gamers.

HP Slate

HP Notebook Slate is also revealed by Microsoft. This small hot gadget is capable of multi-touch technology and runs through windows. Its technical specifications are not yet revealed but it is expected to run application like computer.

Samsung Transparent OLED Laptop

Samsung’s new amazing technology gadget is being exhibited at CES 2010. It is a 14 inch transparent screen Laptop in white color body. Its look is stunning and unique in itself. It is the world’s first and largest transparent prototype with 40% transparency. I hope it will be well commercialized to stay long.

LBO Light Touch

In CES 2010 going on, Light Blue Optic (LBO) Company has introduced their laser based gadget. It carries a pico projector along with an infrared sensor. This is a small gadget which comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity feature. By default it has 2GB of storage but it is expandable.

LG eXpo Projector

LG really surprised the technology fans by introducing world’s first projector phone, the eXpo Projector. I have already posted about this innovative gadget. This small phone device can help you hold business conference and presentation anywhere enabling you to deliver your presentation through this mini projector. It holds a touch responsive screen and works great as a presentation station.

Nexuse One Near to be Released in CES

7 01 2010

CES, the international Consumer Electronic Show 2010 has started from today at Las Vegas. As I mentioned in one of my previous post about Google’s new gadget, the Google phone which is named Nexus One, so now it is going to be announced via CES.

All eyes have been on the Google’s phone that has been the top of discussions about coming up mobile phones. Nexus One was awaited for its stunning feature which Google put before the people.

This smartphone is expected to be 119 x 59.8 x 11.5 mm in size, 130g weight and 3.7 inches display with touch screen of 800 x 480 pixels. LED flash and 5MP digital camera with 2x zoom which can auto-focus from 6cm increases its attraction. It is coming with support of Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. Nexus One will offer 10 hours talk-time, 290 hours stand-by time, 20 hours audio playback, 7 hours video playback and 5 hours of using internet.

Nexus One will be carrying Android Software which users can not find in any other mobile device. Including the Android Software means this handset is going to have something extra that no other handsets are carrying. Customizable screen shortcuts and background images will make the users enjoy their time with this handset. Trackball is used for navigation which is taking place of multi-touch technology in this handset. GPS service will be found built-in in Nexus One. GPS works on Google Maps which is best guide for travelers to know the directions.

With all innovative and different features, it is expected that the Nexus One is going to be an expensive device. The price is unfortunately going much more than the expected rang that was estimated till last year, may be around $529. Regarding look, it is expected with this handset to be a stunning smartphone.

These are just a few of its significant features that make it prominent among other mobile phones. It has given competition not only to Nokia but even the most popular handset iPhone. All eyes are looking for the new Nexus One and clear all rumors heard about the Google’s gadget. Lets see what will be the actual image of Nexus One going to unveil in CES.