Hands-Free Accessory by WristOffice

2 08 2010

Hands-free is a very common accessory for mobile phones then how iPhone can miss it. Apple got a third party solution to tackle the death grip issue with holding the iPhone in traditional way and WristOffice played role in it. It’s really cool as compared to old traditional hands-free devices for mobiles.

This is about the hands-free accessory from WristOffice that has designed hands-free accessory for iPhone 4. WristOffice claims that the users will not face losing the signals from antenna as they hold the iPhone. This accessory is like a wrist-band that holds the iPhone in it.

Though personally I did not like much this accessory but it may attract the users only for it is an iPhone 4 accessory which is the latest mobile of Apple. On the other hand, it may also interest the users who want the antenna signals issues solved; they may adopt this hands-free accessory. It is not only used with iPhones but most of the other mobiles, too. Price of this accessory is not yet known.


ProMini Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad

28 07 2010

Another PC entertainment device, ProMini Wireless Keyboard Trackpad, a little handy device that will make your computer concerned tasks a fun time. When you spend long hours on dull boring office work with your ordinary keyboard, you will surely love to make your work relaxing. ProMini Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad allows you to have comfortable seating with any preferred position and carry on activities on monitor.

ProMini Wireless Keyboard offers full keyboard functions with additional trackpad. It is the first 90-degree flip designed touchpad device of the world. Though it is of small size, still you are able to click, scroll and perform other function via its additional keys and trackpad. Its Laser Pointer makes it more interesting. Keypad has the backlight feature that can be customized according to your light preferences. You can have it just for $69.99. It is 3-in-1 multimedia wireless keyboard that you will love to have with your PC.

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Will Be Available This Month

21 07 2010

Samsung’s new mobile is about to hit the market this month and it will be available in 110 countries of the world. It is about new Samsung Galaxy S i9000 that is expected to come with Android 2.1. Samsung is making its best level efforts to introduce this great mobile to the world market and it has already made deals with Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and Sing Tel.

The expectedly know specifications are as follows:

  • 642 x 122.4 x 9.9 mm dimensions
  • 4 inches AMOLED screen
  • 5.0MP AF camera with lots of features
  • HD video player and recorder
  • 3.5mm ear jack
  • Integrates SNS, email and calendar accounts
  • 1GHZ processor
  • 16GB internal memory (extendable with MicroSD card up to 32GB)
  • Flash Lite 3.1, RSS Reader
  • Light sensor
  • Layer Reality Browser

Its stylish look and amazing features are expected to earn good market share in the mobile market. Samsung Galaxy S i9000 is amazingly slim phone with superb look. I will definitely try it. It is not yet announced by the company about its exact launching date and price, so I can’t make idea what price it would hold. Let’s see.

Little Black Book Case Available for iPhone

20 07 2010

Good news for the iPhone fans!

Little Black Book Case is now available for iPhone 4 that was first available only to iPad and iPhone 3Gs. Its look and feel is just like a little traditional notebook filled with papers  and used with pen but inside is  actually your iPhone. This unique looking case will definitely protect your iPhone and give it a charming look. This is a slim and stylish phone case best to save your iPhone from scratches and sudden harms.  Its not wrong to say that it can  secure your iPhone to be stolden.

Its lid opens by flipping which enables you to type on it horizontally and  it really looks classic in this case. When you finish using it, you simply close the lid and wrap the band over it again

Though it is wrapped in the case but still you are able to use its necessary ports.  It comes in customized sizes for your iPhone that means it is not only the one fit to iPhone 4. You can place your order for the size that fits your phone even for iPad. This iPhone accessory has made carrying iPhone more convenient and handy and I think tiny gadgets like these get popular very fat as compared to the big ones.

Definitely all iPhone holders will love it. Depending on its size, Black Book Case for iPad comes with $55 and for iPhone it comes with $40 of price.

Neckey Multifunctional Laptop Stand

12 07 2010

Are you going to design your work place and wondering where to place your laptop? Neckey Multifunctional Laptop Stand is definitely helpful for you. Laptop stands help you just like table because it is especially designed tabletop.

Laptop stand is designed in such a way that it can be customized in different angle according to our sitting postures. It will be great to use its keyboard which comes along with it and you can customize it to different languages as well. Don’t worry about your laptops fittings because it can hold notebook sizes from 10 to 141inches.The bad thing is that it is not yet available in the market but hope we will see it soon there.

You will be happy to hear about the Neckey Multifunctional Laptop Stand. That keeps your laptop cool and gives better view position to the screen. This product is especially designed to keep in mind the comfort level of the users. This laptop stand got the patent certificate award by State Patent. The best thing is that it is movable and has collapsible designs. It contains 2 USB 2.0 hubs which make it more attractive. For price and availability of the product, contact with the company.

Breville Kettle Saves on Energy

11 07 2010

You have heard about many Kettles that save energy and provide you hot cup of water in few seconds. But Breville Hot Cup is one of the best kettles that save energy. This kitchen accessory just boils water very fast and also saves your energy. Do not worry to refill the tank again and again because you can get lots of hot water cups within single tank.

What you have to do is just fill the tank and adjust the size of the cup that you want to fill with hot water. Its usage is quite simple and easy because its smart design makes it look good and also one of the causes to save your energy bills. You can get it with cost £39.95 and delivered free in UK.

Some of its key features are:

  • It Boils water by touching a button
  • Give out 5 cups without refilling
  • Energy saver- just boil the water that you need
  • They are simple to fill and create no any mess drip on the tray.
  • Illuminated tank when on boil with a stylish contemporary design.

Vibrating Seats Alert

10 07 2010

A student of Yale University has designed car seat that keeps the driver alert and aware about the outer environment. Now you don’t need the visual or sound alerts; it makes you alert just by touching it. It is really a wonderful idea and you will feel that you are playing video games. I am definitely going to try it. It is really helpful to save you from several accidents. We can say that this new technology will decrease the rate of accidents.

In this system vibrating cell phone motors are used and set in the driver seat. The seat vibrates lightly during the travel. When any other vehicle come near the car then sensors give message to seat that pushes the driver seat back. This indicates the position of nearby car. It is just a concept product and hope we will soon see this product in the market and many of us can take safety measure against accidents.