Electric Dual Seat Tricycle

19 03 2010

Now it is more fun and easier o share the experience of bicycling accompanied with your friend. Electric Dual Seat Tricycle is made to especially for adults. If it runs on a battery with Electric Power Assist, it reduces the pedaling need and more comfortable riding up to more distance.

Electric Dual Seat Tricycle holds two seats, four pedals and three gears that work independent of each other. This feature helps the people of different capacities, strength and sizes ride together. Even if there is no one to accompany you for riding, you can run it independently. Either one or two riders can run it comfortably and it is safe, reliable and fantastic riding idea. Seats are adjustable and easy to shift. Gears and steering can be controlled from either seat with equally ease and comfort. Three independent speed gears and breaks give you more control over the speed while riding. If you don’t want to do pedaling to long distance, you can use Electric Power Assist that is operated via battery. Its battery takes approximately 6 hours to recharge and runs up to 10 miles of distance range.

Dual seat Tricycle has multiple uses and advantages and perfectly ideal for couples for special riding needs. It can also be utilized for long distance rides as well as for exercise activities. Its weight capacity is 600 lbs. It is available at very affordable prices of $1,699 to $2,499.