Brave Photographer Captures Amazing Pictures inside Glaciers

18 05 2012

‘Ice Man’, a frosty photographer has captured amazing pictures inside the glaciers. He was prepared to go to extra ordinary lengths to capture pictures perfect from all angels.

Eric Guth is spending days hiding out in some of the world’s most spectacular glacier caverns. Even constant threats of pneumonia, frostbite and collapsing caverns aren’t enough to defer this fearless photographer off.

Eric, after becoming fascinated with glaciers just like a young boy has spent the last five years hunting down, living in and photographing the unexplained and unknown caverns. Escapades to hit upon the ideal icy pictures have taken him from Patagonia in South America to Iceland in the North Atlantic, all over the world.

He captures the stunning beauty of hidden low temperature landscapes and these amazing pictures show that his journeys are well significant. His marvelous work can be well estimated through his photography work.