Lego Star War Watches

10 03 2010

We have seen a lot of different design watches and gadget watches, but the latest Lego Star War watches may become your ideal gadget to get. It is not only fit for kids but also for adults. Why only kids can enjoy wearing Star War Watches? I am not a kid but I can also wear one of the latest designs of Star War watch designed by Lego, that are specially designed for grown ups.

Lego Star War watches come in different models including R2-D2, Han Solo, Vader, Obi Wan and many others. Some of these models are for kids and others are especially for adults by their size and design. Smaller sizes are for kids and large different sizes are of course for adults. These watches hold the watch case and links of plastic. A feature highlight of these watches is that these are water resistant up to 50 meters.

Star War versions of watches are going to be launched from April, 1. Though it is April fool day but launch of Star War watches is reality. They come in several different colors, designs and shapes. It is a best gift idea for kids, as well as for adults. Price varies according to the size and design. It will also be available on Star War online shops at $21.99 for kids and $29.99 for adults’ versions.


No More Chocolates and Roses, Valentine Gadget Gift Idea for Him and Her

12 02 2010

A few years back, people tend to give the traditional gifts to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Generally people like to gift that can express their deep feelings and express the things that they don’t want to say in words.

Stuff that have been commonly included in Valentine’s gift ideas have been chocolates, roses, love notes, diamond ring, nice dinner, ticket for a favorite show or concert, get-together party or something very romantic like branded colognes etc. But these days, latest technology gadgets have taken place of all those ideas. People like to give gifts of gadgets and gizmos which they feel can express deep care in love in more decent way.

Here you can find decent gadget gift ideas for him and her on Valentine’s Day.

Why not a new mobile?

Sony Ericsson Satio (Red)

This is really good idea to gift a new mobile this Valentine. Sony Ericsson Satio is a best choice for it. It is cool and stylish looking handset that does not only brings all need of a phone but also enhances the life-style. It is a touch-responsive multi functional screen handset which provides best quality video, audio and images. Sony Ericsson Satio provides easy access to internet, web applications, multimedia, camera options, flash light and many more, a prominent feature of Satio is to detect the images that are not clear or they are blur. It comes in red, silver and black colors. So, the red one must be your choice for him.

Why not a Teddy Bear?

Talking Teddy Bear to Record Message

Talking Teddy Bear will speak for you which you could not say. You can record your message in your own voice to convey to that special one and gift it to him/her. You can either record your voice message, a beautiful poem, your favorite song or any sound you like for him/her. Teddy Bear speaks the message when it is squeezed. This romantic and cute gift saves your messages to make it a sweet memory for years. It’s most cuddy and cherishing idea to express your feelings. Talking Teddy Bear is available in different colors.

You can select any of these ideas that equally fit for him and her and make them smile.

Valentine’s Day Romantic Gadget Gift Ideas

11 02 2010

Valentines Day is coming quickly and you may be making plans how to make this holiday as beautiful and memorable as possible, so that it leaves the sweet memories to smile with. On this special day, a pretty gift would make you more close to the heart of your loved one. Gift are obviously a way to enhance the true care feelings in each other’s hearts. Valentine’s Day gifts mostly come in red and pink colors.

Here you can find beautiful gift ideas for this Valentines Day for the people you love. Have a look.

Heart Key Lock USB Drive

This is definitely a beautiful Valentine gift idea. It can be worn like a necklace but in fact it holds a USB drive in it. USB inside the necklace holds 2GB of data storage capacity. It will really let your loved one keep the data close to their heart!!

But unfortunately it is available in Japan market only. You can buy it online.

Heart Shaped USB Speaker, LED Lamp and Pen Holder

This is an awesome looking small size USB gadget that holds a heart shape. It works as a pen holder, LED light and audio speaker simultaneously. It runs by connecting with your computer or laptop and when you play music from your system, speakers play quality music sounds. It has On/Off button with speakers that are built-in with this pretty gadget. It is available in white and pink color at price of $13.99 only.

Heart Shaped USB Web Cam

Your loved one may have web cam already, but this heart shaped beautiful web cam will make them feel special for you. It stands on a holder and you can be rotated up and down. This USB 2.0 compliant camera gives 640 x 480 pixels at 30 frames per second of resolution that promises high quality picture. It also holds LED light to enhance the quality of your picture. It can be either hanged on your screen or placed on a plain surface. It is available in red and blue colors at price of $22 only.

My Beating Heart Pillow

It is a unique, stylish and awesome Valentine gift idea for someone special. This is a soft, tender squishy and comfortable beat producing pillow like gadget. It beats really like a human heart. This Beating Heart Pillow technically helps to synchronize with your own heart beat slowly. When it is hugged, it starts beating that lasts for 20 minutes. It works with 9v battery and is washable. It is available in different colors like white, pink, green, red in 2 different sizes at the price of $35 and $120.

Heart Shaped Flash MP3 Player

This is the best Valentine’s gift idea really for the dedicated lovers. You will love it if you love music. This MP3 Player is in heart shape that is broken into two faces. This is not only the way to present a beautiful gift but also share you sensation with someone special. Heart Shaped Flash MP3 player holds control buttons. It is available n China market in red color at price of $55 only.