Nokia Messaging Now Includes Windows Live Messenger

7 10 2011

Nokia breaks pleasing news for the people using Nokia Messaging. Nokia has introduced the world’s most popular instant messaging service in their handsets by default. Yeah…Windows Live Messenger is now available for Nokia Messaging users.

All users who were missing Windows Live Messenger on their handsets now can enjoy all features of it on their Nokia homescreen. It is just like you use it on your desktop.

Through Nokia Messaging Windows Live Messenger, users can access the following features:

  1. Personal messaging
  2. Multiple conversations
  3. Tabbed chat windows
  4. Changing the required status
  5. Invisible/online mode
  6. Add/delete friends directly from buddy list
  7. Block friends
  8. Pop up alert on new message
  9. Multitasking while running messenger
  10. Send icons/smilies
  11. Direct call to friends from homescreen
  12. Grouping contacts and many more.

No installation is required for this software on new Nokia. It is available in Nokia E72 by default which is the first device with Windows Live Messenger.  It’s really an adorable invention for NM users who can use all their favorite features of Live Messenger anytime anywhere.

You can now enjoy chat being invisible from unwanted people for not getting disturbed while chatting with their friends. You can continue working with different tasks while the messenger is running. You will get pop alerts when new message arrives for you.

Nokia has just announced this device and it will be available in market very soon. Price is not defined yet. Before now, Nokia E63, E71 and E75 were supporting Windows Live Messenger for instant messaging but it required downloading of Nokia Messaging.

Countertop Display Tells You Recipes

6 07 2010

I think you may hear about the smart fridge that tally the food in fridge and also tell you what recipes you can make from them.

This system is called Oasis system. Intel is planning to use the same technology and place it on the kitchen counter that can help you a lot in making many new recipes. For example hitting the piece of the beef on the counter will show nutritional facts. This is due to the Pico-projector that is on the counter.

While putting any potato or green pepper on the counter, you will get lots of new recopies and if you place the entire ingredient then it will show recipes with videos as well. If even you don’t know cooking then you can learn a lot from this device in your own kitchen.

I like this technology very much but it should not be restricted to kitchen only, it should also come for different other work like it should have the ability to detect the pills and also suggest which pills is used for what purpose. There are lots of ideas that can lead to technology advancement.

Mini Countertop Spin Dryer

10 06 2010

Latest technology has made our life easier and comfortable.Gadgets are actually looking cool due to their small sizes and shapes. That is why all the upcoming gadgets are getting smaller and smaller. You will be happy to learn about the latest mini clothes dryer. This gadget provides you the opportunity to dry out your cloths anywhere you want. Mini clothes dryer is just a superb invention; you can dry your cloths out of the town, at home or in any hotel along your journey. This provides you to get fine and dry clothing.

Mini Countertop dryer is a spin dryer that means that it removes more water from your clothes than an ordinary washing machine. If you want to do all of your laundry on your countertop then it is the best way to get this compact dryer paired with Wonder wash Mini washing Machine. This dryer can hold about 1-2 pairs of jeans according to its weight, so it can’t hold much clothes at a time. The cost price of this tiny dryer is $77.89 and you can get it through Amazon by placing a booking order.

Multi-Tab Power Strip, A Concept Design Product

1 03 2010

Why not to get rid of the trouble to pull out the plugs of your electronics when it results in a little fire while plugging out? It usually happens when you want to remove the plug of TV before you go to sleep or you want to change an inserted plug. Sometimes you feel it horrible and don’t dare to touch the cables.

Multi-Tab Power Strip can be a best solution for this issue. Tab Power Strip is a concept product design to survey the needs of consumers and collects views about this product. You can find here the details of this concept design product also a video to make the concept clear.

It has different tabs of equal size to join with each other. You can make a strip as long as you require depending on the electronics you want to run on it. Each tab has a label to indicate for which gadget/electronic you are going to use it for. You can either use sticker label to indicate or simply write on top of it. When you want to unplug a specific gadget/electronic, you just need to touch the tab and it will unplug it. Labels make it easy for you to know which plug is supplying power to which electronic and you don’t need to toggle out wires with threat of fire. Unplugging a single wire does not restrict the power supply to other tabs and it remains working. You can easily customize the number of tabs by adding the strip.

If it weren’t a concept design product, I would be first to buy this valuable Multi-Tab Power Strip. But unfortunately it is not yet designed to exist in market.