Personal Television and Theater Amplifier

14 05 2010

It is too difficult that you pump up volume level in your apartment when you are watching your favorite action movie or match because you cannot afford to go to cinema frequently to enjoy blockbusters unless you have handsome amount of money. Personal television and theater amplifier is a best choice for those who cannot afford a home theater system and are looking for something even cheaper. Personal television and theater amplifier seemingly amplifies sound from TV, radio or theater up to 50 decibels, coming in from of a wireless rechargeable earpiece.


  • Directional microphones that amplifies high and low frequency sounds
  • Produced rich and easy to hear tones “means you can hear other person clearly”
  • It has lithium-ion battery that supposedly powers earpiece operates for up to 18 hours after recharge of 4 hours.
  • This is available in @29.95.