Eco’s Latest Gadget, Eco Kettle 2

6 10 2011

Eco has introduced their latest Eco Kettle 2 which has more functions for comfort. This smart gadget can serve you saving water, time, energy and cost at a time.

Eco Kettle in internally illuminated and dual-chambered of 2.2KW purely made of stainless steal. It has high quality with ability to control the steam and boil the liquid (water) with protection without wasting it. It has boiling capacity for 200ml up to 1.5l liquid. It does not only boils but also serves to keep the liquid hot for you.

It is very energy efficient and works ensuring the quality. You only need to pour the liquid into kettle, lock the lid and tell it the number of cups you need boiled by pressing a button. It will do the rest for you. It takes 31% less energy as compared to traditional electric kettles. It keeps washable limescale filter and surely cuts the cost of power required for any other kettle. It has 360° base with cord storage. More features of Eco Kettle 2 are 220/240 Volts AC, EN60335 and durability to its users. Eco offers 12 months warranty for their latest Eco kettle 2. It is available in market for £40.

Neckey Multifunctional Laptop Stand

12 07 2010

Are you going to design your work place and wondering where to place your laptop? Neckey Multifunctional Laptop Stand is definitely helpful for you. Laptop stands help you just like table because it is especially designed tabletop.

Laptop stand is designed in such a way that it can be customized in different angle according to our sitting postures. It will be great to use its keyboard which comes along with it and you can customize it to different languages as well. Don’t worry about your laptops fittings because it can hold notebook sizes from 10 to 141inches.The bad thing is that it is not yet available in the market but hope we will see it soon there.

You will be happy to hear about the Neckey Multifunctional Laptop Stand. That keeps your laptop cool and gives better view position to the screen. This product is especially designed to keep in mind the comfort level of the users. This laptop stand got the patent certificate award by State Patent. The best thing is that it is movable and has collapsible designs. It contains 2 USB 2.0 hubs which make it more attractive. For price and availability of the product, contact with the company.

Breville Kettle Saves on Energy

11 07 2010

You have heard about many Kettles that save energy and provide you hot cup of water in few seconds. But Breville Hot Cup is one of the best kettles that save energy. This kitchen accessory just boils water very fast and also saves your energy. Do not worry to refill the tank again and again because you can get lots of hot water cups within single tank.

What you have to do is just fill the tank and adjust the size of the cup that you want to fill with hot water. Its usage is quite simple and easy because its smart design makes it look good and also one of the causes to save your energy bills. You can get it with cost £39.95 and delivered free in UK.

Some of its key features are:

  • It Boils water by touching a button
  • Give out 5 cups without refilling
  • Energy saver- just boil the water that you need
  • They are simple to fill and create no any mess drip on the tray.
  • Illuminated tank when on boil with a stylish contemporary design.

Countertop Display Tells You Recipes

6 07 2010

I think you may hear about the smart fridge that tally the food in fridge and also tell you what recipes you can make from them.

This system is called Oasis system. Intel is planning to use the same technology and place it on the kitchen counter that can help you a lot in making many new recipes. For example hitting the piece of the beef on the counter will show nutritional facts. This is due to the Pico-projector that is on the counter.

While putting any potato or green pepper on the counter, you will get lots of new recopies and if you place the entire ingredient then it will show recipes with videos as well. If even you don’t know cooking then you can learn a lot from this device in your own kitchen.

I like this technology very much but it should not be restricted to kitchen only, it should also come for different other work like it should have the ability to detect the pills and also suggest which pills is used for what purpose. There are lots of ideas that can lead to technology advancement.

HERB for Household Chores

2 07 2010

Many women hate to do household work, so there is good news for those women because HERB is going to solve all their problems.

HERB is the abbreviation of Home Exploring Robot Butler. This project is designed by Intel and it is capable to do some fundamental home jobs, for instance, clearing the table, serving meals, dish washing etc.

The manufacturer of HERB has done a great job by designing this technology. You can save your energy and do lots of other work. HERB is the best way to save time and women can enjoy their lives and spend quality time with their family and their personal activities as well.

If you want to take a soft drink from the fridge, just ask HERB; it will drop the can in your palm without extending your hand.

Every woman can enjoy with HERB because at night when you are sleeping, it can clean your entire kitchen for the next day. The era is not far away when robots will be able to do all chores for us and make our life more comfortable and lavish. I will definitely love HERB for household chores.