Lego Star War Watches

10 03 2010

We have seen a lot of different design watches and gadget watches, but the latest Lego Star War watches may become your ideal gadget to get. It is not only fit for kids but also for adults. Why only kids can enjoy wearing Star War Watches? I am not a kid but I can also wear one of the latest designs of Star War watch designed by Lego, that are specially designed for grown ups.

Lego Star War watches come in different models including R2-D2, Han Solo, Vader, Obi Wan and many others. Some of these models are for kids and others are especially for adults by their size and design. Smaller sizes are for kids and large different sizes are of course for adults. These watches hold the watch case and links of plastic. A feature highlight of these watches is that these are water resistant up to 50 meters.

Star War versions of watches are going to be launched from April, 1. Though it is April fool day but launch of Star War watches is reality. They come in several different colors, designs and shapes. It is a best gift idea for kids, as well as for adults. Price varies according to the size and design. It will also be available on Star War online shops at $21.99 for kids and $29.99 for adults’ versions.