Kodek PlaySport Zx3 Pocket Camcorder

11 01 2010

Kodek has recently introduced its rugged, waterproof pocket camcorder in CES 2010 which has been one of the favorite gadgets on CES list. This gadgets is called Kodek PlaySport Zx3. It was exhibited in CES where it earned great appreciation and popularity.

PlaySport Zx3 enables you to capture HD video 720p or 1080p. Its camera can zoom up to 5 megapixels for still photography which means great results. Using PlaySport Zx3 tools, you can easily upload your images and videos on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook that is quite interesting. It is capable to work even underwater up to 10 feet depth. It is also capable of electronic image stabilization and incredible in low-light performance. It can record up to 10 hours of HD video.

Kodek PlaySport Zx3 device is responsive with the D-pad over their old device Kodek Zi8. Though it is an underwater working device, that’s why it does not support USB and external mic when in water. It is not coming with virtual memory, so you have to put an additional SD card with it of your own.

This gadget is available in US and the online Kodek stores from April 2010 with price for $149.95 (US). This is the first device of photography that holds underwater performance features which will attract more users in the future. Its look is really loveable which girls will like more. Available colors will be black, blue and purple. I am seeing a good market share of this camera in future.