Samsung Reveals Incredible Lens Camera, NX10

8 04 2012

The International Consumer Electronic show 2010 will be remembered for lots of things. It brought a lot of revolutionary electronics, devices and gadgets for the technology lovers. Samsung NX10 is one of those innovative developments that were displayed on CES 2010.

Samsung unveiled their excellent digital camera, the NX10, for the user’s convenience specially the photographers. NX10 promises to bring great revolution in the field of photography.

Samsung NX10 comes with the following technical specifications:

  1. This is CMOS type of camera of 3.0 inches display screen to show you preview, 4.23 x 3.43 x 1.57 inches in dimensions and weight only 0.77 lbs.
  2. Image sensor is approximately 15.1 megapixel out of which 14.6 is effective.
  3. Speed is 1/4,000sec to 30sec manual.
  4. It is capable to work in different modes including Single, Continuous, Burst, Self-Timer, Bracket etc.
  5. Available flash modes are Smart Flash, Auto, Auto + Red-eye reduction, Fill-in, Fill-in + Red-eye reduction, 1st Curtain, 2nd Curtain and Off TTL Auto Pop-up Flash.
  6. External flash is also available, like SEF-42A and SEF-20A that can be optionally used with NX10.
  7. Synchronization speed is less than 1/80sec.
  8. NX10 is capable to cover the images from 28mm wide angle.
  9. It supports the SD and SDHC media.
  10. It can hold and recognize data in RAW (SRW), JPEG (EXIF 2.21), DCF, DPOF 1.1, PictBridge 1.0 file formats.
  11. It has editing option for images when it stores image data on it. Available editing style are Red-eye fix, Back light comp., Photo style selector, Resize, Rotate, Face re-touching.
  12. You can view your stored images in different styles like single image, thumbnail, slide show or movie.
  13. NX10 supports hi-speed 2.0 USB for digital input/output.
  14. You can download/output movies clips captured by NX10 using DC 9.0V power connector.
  15. Battery-life is approximately 3 hours 30 min to capture 400 shots.

NX10 comes with a lot of innovative and attractive features that you will reveal when you hold it in your hand to capture images and video. Some of its features are described here.

CMOS sensor makes it a rich photographic tool to capture natural and high-quality colors for still pictures and movies. It is capable to automatically minimize the noise and increase the quality remarkable without degrading it. It has 3 inches AMOLED display screen contrary to older digital cameras which gives you response 3,000 times faster than any LCD display with sharp and crisp preview results and outstanding colors. You can use it with little expertise and it is easy to handle. You can easily and faster navigate through its menus and setting.

A very prominent feature of NX10 is that its sensor is always protected from dust particles. Its sensor vibrates 60,000 times per second that prevents the dust particles to stay on its sensor. You can manage your picture and video folders in smart albums that are made to store your digital data. You can set any mode while capturing images and video, for instance beauty shot. NX10 offers to change the modes at the time of capturing. For instance, using Beauty Shot mode, you can get beautiful portrait shots with every images you take. Using its Smart rang feature, NX10 makes the extreme spots balanced. For instance, if some spots in mages or video are too bright, it prevents the image to be seen saturated and if some spots are too dark, it prevents to show them too dark.

NX10 was displayed in January at CES and soon it will be available to users with its smart fantastic look. Displayed NX10 was in black color. This incredible lens camera is expected to get the price approximately $449.0, but it is not yet confirmed from Samsung.

Little Black Book Case Available for iPhone

20 07 2010

Good news for the iPhone fans!

Little Black Book Case is now available for iPhone 4 that was first available only to iPad and iPhone 3Gs. Its look and feel is just like a little traditional notebook filled with papers  and used with pen but inside is  actually your iPhone. This unique looking case will definitely protect your iPhone and give it a charming look. This is a slim and stylish phone case best to save your iPhone from scratches and sudden harms.  Its not wrong to say that it can  secure your iPhone to be stolden.

Its lid opens by flipping which enables you to type on it horizontally and  it really looks classic in this case. When you finish using it, you simply close the lid and wrap the band over it again

Though it is wrapped in the case but still you are able to use its necessary ports.  It comes in customized sizes for your iPhone that means it is not only the one fit to iPhone 4. You can place your order for the size that fits your phone even for iPad. This iPhone accessory has made carrying iPhone more convenient and handy and I think tiny gadgets like these get popular very fat as compared to the big ones.

Definitely all iPhone holders will love it. Depending on its size, Black Book Case for iPad comes with $55 and for iPhone it comes with $40 of price.

Belkin Conserve Monitors Appliance Energy Usage

17 06 2010

We always go with the slogan save energy, but if we know the proper knowledge about the energy that is taken by each appliance then we may take care to save energy at home more consciously. In our daily routine, we make certain guess about the energy uses by the home appliances but if we know the exact watts then we might be unplugging the different home electric appliances.

Belkin conserve monitor appliance energy is a wonderful invention of the modern era. This is a small gadget that tells us how much unit of electricity is being consumed and how much watts an electronic is using. You are well aware of where your major energy-sucking appliances are placed.

If you want to know about energy consumed by any of your appliance what you have to do is just plug it into the Belkin monitor and it will tell you how much energy is consumed by this single appliance. This will create a sense of saving energy in such a way that bulb is more expensive rather than an energy saver. It will tell you the cost of electricity for which you are paying. You cannot get it from the market because it is not out for sale yet but you can get it from Amazon by paying $29.99.

High Heels Speakers

16 06 2010

If you are fond of high heels then you would love having high heel speakers. Generally women love to wear high heel sandals and to buy these pair of speakers’ shows your love for heels. These colorful red heels speakers look attractive with your system and get everyone’s attention. So be ready for shoe loving speaker trend.

But this is very strange to design these kinds of speakers, because no one knows weather it is going to have good sales or not. The speakers are he creation of Japanese.USB speaker have an output of 3W x 2ch.If you think that you can buy them at cheap price then your perception is wrong, because they are not low-priced USB speakers. Its sale price is 4480 Yen,$ 55 excluding its shipping cost.

The Next Apple iPhone Expected This Month

5 06 2010

The iPhone has become the most selling product of Apple that got 40% revenue. Apple Inc. may plan to unveil the descendant of its top- selling product iPhone in June 2010. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc. will be speaking Worldwide Developers Conference Companies. Moreover, this meeting is expected in June2010 then further information will reveal.

William Kreher (St Louis-based analyst at Edward Jones & Co.) said, “The company would bring in the latest iPhone. WWDC will be the new iPhone and bring out for the product introduction. CEO will kick off the meeting on 7 June 2010.”

Since 2007, in every summer, Apple introduced new version of iPhone. In July 2008, iPhone came with 3G then came with upgraded version in June 2009.

Features expected in 2010 iPhone are:

  • Improved battery life
  • Front-facing camera
  • Cameras flash
  • Higher resolution screen
  • Boxier design than the current device

Charlie Wolf (a New York-based Needham & Co. analyst) said that Jobs would display the gadget during his important conference.

IT Show Singapore 2010 is Going On

13 03 2010

A big IT show is held in Singapore every year. It has started for 2010 again at Singapore from March 11 and will be continued till March 14. IT Show is going on at Suntec city of Singapore. It is a great IT exhibition where you can find latest technology gadgets, peripherals and devices. Yeah..It is an IT technological items exhibition that is also called PC Show, COMEX and SITEX Computer Show.

This 4-day IT Show is going to be bigger than last year. It is bringing more technological variety in gadgets and gizmos. It is organized by the Eastern Directors and Melvin Koh is the general manager of Eastern Directories. He said: “With the recovering economy, IT Show 2010 will be expecting sales of $65 million as compared to $58.5 million last year.”

In 2009 IT Show, 800 exhibitors participated and this number is raised up to 830 exhibitors this year. by the added number of exhibitors, it is expected that there will be more visitors with more sales and exhibitions. 800,000 visitors are expected whereas this number was 768,000 visitors in 2009 at IT Show. The show area is also expended 15,000 sq feet which is 345,000 sq feet now and it is hiring 5 floors.

This show is another chance for the technology lovers to grab more innovative and promotional gadgets. Visitors also have a chance to win cash prizes via lucky draw if they deposit $100 on the show. We hope that the IT Show will bring more revolutionary devices and gadgets to share strong market share for convenience of consumers.

Adesso Slim Touch Pro, Wireless Keyboard with a Difference

5 03 2010

Adesso unveils another wireless keyboard, Adesso Slim Touch Pro.  It is completely a wireless keyboard that can be added as additional keyboard with your system that means you can have more than one wireless keyboard in a room with different systems. This is the specialty of Adesso Slim Touch Pro that it is given a unique wireless id that prevents it to conflict with other wireless keyboard in same room. In this way, it solved a big issue of wireless keyboards without any interface.

Adesso Slim Touch Pro takes 2.4GHz RF Smartlink with a unique wireless id. It contains 12 auto-changeable channels and linked with computer. It holds a power button on it that allows the quick way to connect and disconnect the keyboard with system without delaying response. This smart keyboard is supported by a 2 AA battery that provides it power.

Wireless Slim Touch Pro does not only provide the wireless support to input data to computer, but it also carries some dedicated hotkeys. The dedicated keys help to switch between and move in menus and applications such as Home, Scroll up, Scroll down, Back, Forward for internet applications and Play/Pause, Stop, Previous track, Next Track, Volume up, Volume down and Mute for multimedia applications. Moreover, it has hotkeys for computer that function for My Computer, Search and Sleep.

Adesso Slim Touch Pro is really a smart and slim device to enhance your style of computing. It is available in black color at price of $119.99.