MSI Dual-Screen eReader

29 07 2012

MSI presented the first dual-screen e-reader at CES 2010. It is everything that you can dream of. It looks like a booklet with two screen displays of equal size. Though its name is e-reader but it is much more than a notebook. MSI eReader with 10 inches of size comes with Atom Z series processor and is capable of Windows 7 Home Premium. You must be wondering how the two screens of this gadget work.

It is made of metal material in a notebook size but it is heavy to hold in hand. It is touch functional dual-screen gadget and you are able to drag one window from a screen to the other screen. Yeah..its amazing!

It carries a digital keyboard on the bottom screen with haptic-like technology that is quick responsive. It is because it is running with beta software. It is pretty unbelievable to have such e-reader which works dam awesome. MIS is first one to bring this dual-screen touch technology into existence. The release date of MSI Dual-Screen eReader is not yet known.


Top 5 Beauty Gadget Gifts for Women

14 11 2011

Women have been conscious about their beauty and always care about it. The facial beauty has been more important to them ever. They are always seen anxious in adopting modern technology and tips for enhancing their facial beauty. Modern technology innovations and developments have made it easier for them to apply those beauty tips easily at home without having side effects. The latest beauty gadgets did not only help them develop their confidence but this confidence also supported them to indulge in more social activities with strong position.

Modern technology in beauty gadgets is no less than a blessing for all women equally and especially for those who find less time for personal care from their busy working routines. A beauty gadget can be more exciting and lovable gift for women. Here you can see some ideas about Christmas presents for females.

Nitrogen Wave Power Cleanser

This is a small gadget that can be easily held in one hand. It works with vibration on your facial skin. Its soft and smooth surface vibrates on skin and cleans away the dirt and makeup form skin spots easily. It works 10x deeper, faster and smooth than any traditional cleanser. It has two different speeds for different actions, one for gentle cleansing and second for deeper pore cleansing. It safely removed the dead skin cells and makes the facial skin soft, smooth and gorgeous. It is not harmful to your facial skin at all. Using Nitrogen Wave Power Cleanser is quite easy.

Zeno Acne Treatment

Zeno is the best gadget for acne and pimple treatment. It does not only help you get ride of acne on your facial skin but also to protect you from acne threats. It is helpful to get ride of acnes without any medication and using Zeno device is quite easy.

Zeno device can be held in palm easily and works by heating up your skin up to 120 degree with heat-shock proteins, which safely kills the bacteria causing acne on your skin. Zeno can be used up to 3 times daily and its heat does not harm or burn the sensitive skin cells at all. It can be used for facial skin excluding the delicate eye area.

Curling Iron

Usually women take more time when they need to go for a party. They want to look prettier with fewer efforts. Curling iron helps them to make gorgeous hair style at home with less efforts and little practice. This small tool can give several hot looks to your hair to show you more beautiful. It can be a good gift for a beauty conscious woman.

Fyola Facial Massager

Facial massager does not only give a smooth and soft massage to your face but it also work for many other treatments to your facial skin problems. Everybody knows that massage leaves remarkably good effects on skin. So this gadget has made the facial massage easier at home. With facial massage, your skin will look younger, healthier, fresh and smooth. This small portable gadget is handheld and slows down the aging effects and wrinkles. Facial massager stimulates the blood circulation in skin and provides good exercise for facial muscles. In short, it helps you keep you looking younger for long. It can be good gift for women over 40.

Artemis Women Heel Smoother

Hard and dry heels are not liked by any women. Specially in winter season, it becomes a tough battle to get ride of this problem. Artemis Heel Smoother makes your heels soft and smooth. Its rotating power tip removes the dead and hard skin of heels softly and protects the skin from growing dead again. You don’t need to use blades or hard stones for your tender heels when Artemis Heel Smoother is there for it. This gadget can be good gift idea.

MacBook Air by Apple, With Increasing Popularity

26 10 2011

MacBook Air is every day increasing with its popularity for its mind-blowing modern features and advancement.  One of the reasons of popularity of MacBook Air launched by Apple is that Apple is a company that makes manufacturers both software and hardware. It also provided best quality features in both hardware and software (i.e. operating system, programs) for MacBook Air with great innovations. It’s really simple to play with its amazing controls and advanced functions. Users also like it for its plain rhythmic functionality that never breaks the response during work. You can run a lot of tasks at a time till complete without any hindrance.

MacBook Air came with the following specifications:

  1. Size 1.94 x 32.5 x 22.7 cm and weight 1.36 Kg
  2. Display 13.3 inches (diagonally) wide screen showing millions of colors
  3. 1.86GHz or 2.13GHz processor with 6MB additional memory
  4. 2GB of 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM onboard
  5. Optional external USB MacBook Air drive
  6. Built-in full QWERTY keyboard with 79 keys
  7. Backlit keyboard comes with light sensor and automatically adjusts keyboard illumination and screen brightness.
  8. Track-pad supports multi-touch functions to control input.
  9. MacBook Air excellently supports digital video output and quality audio.
  10. Peripheral connections come with Mini Display Port, USB Port and Audio Out Port
  11. Battery offers up to 5 hours wireless productivity.
  12. It takes voltage of 100V to 240V AC.
  13. It can run the frequency of 50Hz to 60Hz.

This thin machine can support amazingly excellent for everything either graphics or any heavy file load with its powerful processor. Though this is thin and smart, but holds details of everything in it. It performs everything for you….from organizing your office files to managing your life. It made the life easier and more stylish which is a reason to increase its popularity.

Why You Love iPod Touch 32GB?

19 10 2011

iPode Touch is one of the world’s most favorite gadgets ever. It is a gadget carrying lots of amazing features all at one place. This portable device is only not a phone but everything else you can think about. You can call it a pocket computer.

iPod Touch 32 comes with 110 x 61.8 x 8.5 mm size, 115 grams weight, 3.5 inches wide screen of 480 x 320 pixel resolution and a stunning look. It supports 32GB memory storage to store 7,000 songs, 40,000 images and 40 hours video which really matters. It supports other connectivity like Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) and Bluetooth (2.1 + EDR). It uses Dock Connector and stereo headphone for input/output. It holds 3 external buttons, one for volume control, other for sleep/wake and third to move back on the home screen. It can play music for 30 hours and video for 6 hours continuously when it is fully charged. It is charged from both power adaptor and computer’s USB port and takes 4 hours to be charged fully. It provides best features for both audio and video.

With iPode Touch 32, you can enjoy amazing features just by touching with your finger tip on the screen. Some of those include the following:

  • You can give voice comments to control the music playback sound.
  • You can record you voice memos and thoughts just like your dairy.
  • Download music, movies, games and many more right from iPod.
  • Choose any of application you like from Application Store of iPode for more fun and convenience.
  • You can capture images (still photos) and videos, and share via email.
  • Set the wallpapers of your own choice, even self modified.
  • You are able to customize the home screen of your iPode Touch prioritizing your most favorite features on the home screen in any arrangement.
  • You can brows internet anywhere, anytime for your favorite websites.
  • You can send emails to your friends and loved ones using full QWERTY keypad, either by touching or typing.
  • You can enjoy YouTube videos with full features and quality sound.
  • It offers thousands of games to never let you sit dull.

It is the best gadget companion which you can carry with you everywhere; no matter you use it personally, for business purpose or while going to travel. It will keep your fingers creative to have fun and information with no dilatory. These are from the list of features of iPod Touch 32 which the people love it. It is available just for $299. Price does not matter as compared to the features which iPode Touch 32 offers.

Eco’s Latest Gadget, Eco Kettle 2

6 10 2011

Eco has introduced their latest Eco Kettle 2 which has more functions for comfort. This smart gadget can serve you saving water, time, energy and cost at a time.

Eco Kettle in internally illuminated and dual-chambered of 2.2KW purely made of stainless steal. It has high quality with ability to control the steam and boil the liquid (water) with protection without wasting it. It has boiling capacity for 200ml up to 1.5l liquid. It does not only boils but also serves to keep the liquid hot for you.

It is very energy efficient and works ensuring the quality. You only need to pour the liquid into kettle, lock the lid and tell it the number of cups you need boiled by pressing a button. It will do the rest for you. It takes 31% less energy as compared to traditional electric kettles. It keeps washable limescale filter and surely cuts the cost of power required for any other kettle. It has 360° base with cord storage. More features of Eco Kettle 2 are 220/240 Volts AC, EN60335 and durability to its users. Eco offers 12 months warranty for their latest Eco kettle 2. It is available in market for £40.

Hands-Free Accessory by WristOffice

2 08 2010

Hands-free is a very common accessory for mobile phones then how iPhone can miss it. Apple got a third party solution to tackle the death grip issue with holding the iPhone in traditional way and WristOffice played role in it. It’s really cool as compared to old traditional hands-free devices for mobiles.

This is about the hands-free accessory from WristOffice that has designed hands-free accessory for iPhone 4. WristOffice claims that the users will not face losing the signals from antenna as they hold the iPhone. This accessory is like a wrist-band that holds the iPhone in it.

Though personally I did not like much this accessory but it may attract the users only for it is an iPhone 4 accessory which is the latest mobile of Apple. On the other hand, it may also interest the users who want the antenna signals issues solved; they may adopt this hands-free accessory. It is not only used with iPhones but most of the other mobiles, too. Price of this accessory is not yet known.

Neckey Multifunctional Laptop Stand

12 07 2010

Are you going to design your work place and wondering where to place your laptop? Neckey Multifunctional Laptop Stand is definitely helpful for you. Laptop stands help you just like table because it is especially designed tabletop.

Laptop stand is designed in such a way that it can be customized in different angle according to our sitting postures. It will be great to use its keyboard which comes along with it and you can customize it to different languages as well. Don’t worry about your laptops fittings because it can hold notebook sizes from 10 to 141inches.The bad thing is that it is not yet available in the market but hope we will see it soon there.

You will be happy to hear about the Neckey Multifunctional Laptop Stand. That keeps your laptop cool and gives better view position to the screen. This product is especially designed to keep in mind the comfort level of the users. This laptop stand got the patent certificate award by State Patent. The best thing is that it is movable and has collapsible designs. It contains 2 USB 2.0 hubs which make it more attractive. For price and availability of the product, contact with the company.