Portable GPS Tracker

30 06 2010

Portable GPS Tracker is one of the best latest gadgets. You can store data where ever you want due to having USB memory stick and a GPS receiver. It is very small gadgets so you can carry it along you anywhere. You can adjust it on any vehicle or person with the help of 007 spy mode. This is one of the best gadgets that recover your stored information and even secret routes.

Once you have stored data in the tracker and then by connecting it with your computer you can download all the information that your have gathered. Then you can upload this data on Google earth, MapQuest, maps.google.com and Virtual Earth.

For me this is the great due to its functionality of tracking. You can also capture your happy moments in it as well. So if you are going for holidays then take this tracker with you capture your memories into this small device.

Full feature list:

• Records time, date, location, speed, direction and altitude
• Works with Google Earth, MapQuest, maps.google.com, Virtual Earth
• Location points are downloaded into its software and then mapped
• Battery duration is 5 to 7 days of typical operation with 4,000 records
• Requires 2 AAA batteries
• Dimensions: 4″ x 1 1/4″ x 3/4″
• Comes with Track Stick, lanyard, software CD