Lenovo – Skylight Smartbook

3 02 2010

Lenovo’s new development, Skylight Smartbook as displayed on CES 2010. This is a sleek and awesome mobile HD device with a web-optimized interface. It lets you experience rich computing and media in a portable wireless device.

Skylight Smartbook is a device of beauty and brain at one place that means it is a smart and stylish device with excellent performance ability. It has 2 lbs of weight with 10 inches wide screen. It can be easily fit into your bag. No power cords are required with it that means you can carry it with you anywhere. It is recharged just like a mobile phone that takes 10 hours to be charged fully.

Skylight Smartbook has Linux operating system running on it with an integrated WWAN card and USB thumb drive. It has 20GB storage space out of which 2GB is captured by online data storage. It is capable to hold approximately 6 hours of video and many sounds which you can enjoy while travelling.

Using Skylight, you don’t need to continue logging and remember the passwords of different accounts. You can brows web via custom web interface. You can visit Gmail, Facebook and Youtube accounts and once you login it remembers your passwords. This feature surely saves your time while browsing web.

Though it looks like a notebook in its size and design but unlike a traditional notebook, it has a keyboard where you can stretch your fingers while working with your Skylight Smartbook.

Skylight is the best digital solution to the mobile users who look for a compact device to experience rich media and web features with excellence of performance. It is available in glossy blue and earth red colors with price of $499. It is exactly what you may require to enjoy the web wirelessly.