Android-powered Smartphone Launched

1 09 2010

LG electronics is a global leader and technology trendsetter in mobile communications. LG has lately proclaimed the launch of Android-powered Smartphone. LG is offering an optimal environment for Smartphone users by providing easy and convenient mobile access through LG GT540 handset.

Managing Director of LG Electronics Levant, Mr. Kevin Cha said, “LG Optimus is the ideal choice for early smartphone users who expect all the features of smartphones without the complexity. This is a device that was designed for regular people who want to jump into the smartphone experience but have been hesitant to do so because of the learning curve. By making LG Optimus more approachable, we hope more people will give smartphones a try”

LG’s Social Networking Client permits users to easily keep track of their Facebook, Twitter and Bebo accounts. Furthermore, the SNS (Social Networking System) widgets give real-time status updates directly to the home screen without having entry to any other application. Multitasking feature of this handset let users to sight updates from friends and access their social media sites while at the same time searching the phone’s contact catalog.

By using LG Optimus, users will be able to enjoy diverse Android applications and automatic account synchronization with all mobile services of Google. This handset has better social networking feature in high-powered multimedia environment.

LG LX9500 LED 3D TV Announced to Launch in May

26 03 2010

LG Electronics has announced LG LX9500 LED 3D TV that is going to be launched in coming May. LG that is the world’s No. 2 brand for TV, always introduced quality electronics with durability and perfection.

New LG LX9500 is a smart TV with LED-blacklit, 22.3 mm thick screen and 16 mm bezel. It shows image in resolution of 1080p with great dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1 and excellent refresh rate of 400 Hz. Screen sizes range from 47 to 55 inches each models. A pair of active shutter glasses comes with each model. Highlight of shutter glasses is that when you wear it, it shows 3D effects on LG LX9500 screen. Moreover you will experience HDMI 1.4 ports, Wireless AV Link, USB 2.0, Skype and DLNA-ready with LG LX9500 TV. You have option to buy additional camera to use for Skype on TV.

Sale of LX9500 LED 3D TV is going to start from early May in US, Europe and Korea. It is really innovative advancement of LG Electronics in TV product series. Internet access makes it more favorite to people. It will start selling at price of $4,112 starting from Korea market.