Personal Television and Theater Amplifier

14 05 2010

It is too difficult that you pump up volume level in your apartment when you are watching your favorite action movie or match because you cannot afford to go to cinema frequently to enjoy blockbusters unless you have handsome amount of money. Personal television and theater amplifier is a best choice for those who cannot afford a home theater system and are looking for something even cheaper. Personal television and theater amplifier seemingly amplifies sound from TV, radio or theater up to 50 decibels, coming in from of a wireless rechargeable earpiece.


  • Directional microphones that amplifies high and low frequency sounds
  • Produced rich and easy to hear tones “means you can hear other person clearly”
  • It has lithium-ion battery that supposedly powers earpiece operates for up to 18 hours after recharge of 4 hours.
  • This is available in @29.95.

Sprint Offers Samsung M350 Officially

11 05 2010

Sprint has announced a brand new cell phone that will make you able to pick yet another touch screen device that also sport full side out QWERTY keyboard while you are messaging or email to friends. This is Samsung Seek which is also known as Samsung M350. This 3G phone is available in triplet of color options alongside an easy to use customizable menu system that provides instant access to desired features and applications of cell phone. This phone has best messaging features as well as multimedia favorite in stylish design.

You can choose from “Cool Blue” and “Scarlet Red” colors for a mere $29.99 with of course new two year service agreement and this also after $50 mail-in rebate. If you can wait until 6th June then you will be able to find this phone in “Fantasy Pink”. This is a pretty decent smart-phone on paper with 3G connectivity. Samsung Seek package include paper-base solution for inner tray, bags for literature, battery and mailing envelop.

Crystal Lipstick Mouse

26 04 2010

Crystal Lipstick Mouse is an attractive handy mouse which is shaped like lipstick. It is decorated with genuine “Swarovski” crystal and fits neatly in an attractive carrying case. This mouse is actually a pretty decent idea for businesswomen. Miniature mouse has a pouch which actually makes it pretty purse friendly. This mouse can connect to your PC or laptop through wireless and has a miniature metal wheel that allows you to scroll through documents with ease. It has a rechargeable lithium battery that charged through USB port and once it fully charged it will last for whole day.

Features of Crystal Lipstick Mouse

  • Computer mouse in lipstick shape with genuine “Crystallized” Swarovski elements
  • Metallic scroll wheel
  • LED that indicate low power
  • Rechargeable via USB connection
  • Size “24.8 x 82 x 17.6mm” (0.97 x 3.22 x 0.69)
  • Its weight is 23.7g
  • It takes power through “Lithium battery”
  • Its battery can approximately last for two weeks if used 1.5 hours a day
  • It has wireless connection with 2.4 GHZ about 3m for PC
  • It can be used on window2000, XP, Vista and 7
  • It also has a pouch and a carrying case

Crystal lipstick mouse is an attractive designer item and is ideal for use in constrained spaces like coffee shops. It can make your desk more stylish. This mouse is available in three colors like white, pink and black. You can purchase this mouse in $118 through online shops.

Arm Sleeper’s Pillow

19 04 2010

Your comfortable matters cannot provide you a comfortable sleep if you are an arm sleeper and probably you wake up with an aching shoulder and neck. Therefore the “Arm Sleeper’s Pillow” provides you a place to put your arm and provide a perfect support to your head and neck so that you can lie comfortably without getting rigorous. This pillow contains memory foam that provide perfect angle and shape to your arm & head. Arm sleeper pillow is a memory foam pillow that advances a full, peaceful night’s dormancy to those who sleep with their arm under their heads. It has a center corrugation and a recessed front edge that let your arm fully extend without having to support the weight of your head and neck.

This pillow allow you to lie comfortably in your preferred sleep position and relieving pressure that can make your arm fall asleep or cause muscle tension. This pillow provides you a comfortable sleep and helps you awaken feel rested and refreshed. This pillow contains hypoallergenic modeled memory foam which lifts your neck and tilts your head back slightly to open your airway and it also helps to alleviate snoring. Its velour cover is removable and washable by machine. This pillow provides you a good health and great night sleep and you can buy a comfortable sleep for you at price range $99.95 to $100.