Note Taker Pro, Saves your Handwritten Notes into Digital Form

29 03 2010

Note Taker Pro is a small portable device that takes your handwritten notes and documents and turn them into a digital format to view on your computer or mobile device. This handsome device makes the task of taking complex notes during lecture, presentation or business meeting very easy. It comes with a pen device that works just like a traditional pen. You clip the Note Taker Pro device on a piece of paper or notepad and start writing. Its patented technology combines ultrasound and infrared waves that accurately track the positioning and working of pen device and then convert the pen movement into vector image. Then the page becomes ready to upload onto the computer or mobile.

Note Taker Pro works great when you are away from your computer in a lecture or meeting hall. You simple record the pen-strokes, make notes and upload onto your computer later. But it is also useful in many other ways. It can recognize the handwriting. It can also work as a tablet computer compatible pen device when you plug it in the USB port of your computer. You can either use it with left or right hand, it works equally useful. When your device is plugged into your computer USB port, you can see alerts right on the screen if your device is connected/disconnected, memory is full or battery is low in charging. You can open the folder like other folders to see the number of saves notes and many more features.

System requirements for Note taker Pro are Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP2) or Windows 2000 (SP4). Its battery takes full 3.5 hours to recharge and the device can cover the A4 page area. Price is approximately $119.