Samsung Transparent OLED Laptop

2 02 2010

Samsung unveiled their new development in International Consumer Electronic Show 2010, the Transparent OLED Laptop. This is the world’s first largest transparent OLED prototype. People took great interest in this development for its unique and stylish transparent look.

Complete details of its technical specifications are not yet revealed but the most highlighted feature of OLED Laptop is obviously its transparent screen. You can see across the 14 inches wide laptop screen while you are working on it. It has strong resolution to show images with higher contrast.

It comes with 40% transparency as compared to older transparent screen gadget which held 25% transparency. It is also not revealed yet when it is going to be ready for launching. A lot of gadgets and electronics come to the display on CES but users never hear about those coming in market.

The most amazing and interesting aspect of OLED Laptop could be if I had had it, I could see my pet cat playing in my room while I typed on the screen.  I cannot say more until I get some news from Samsung about this awesome development. Moreover about this laptop, you can reveal on seeing this video.

Top 5 Gadgets at CES 2010

9 01 2010

This year CES brought more amazing and innovative gadgets to the technology lovers. This is the third day of this global grand trade show. All of the gadgets are of highest stander and quality and capturing the hearts of people at CES.

Like every year, a lot of manufacturers presented their thousands of electronics and gadgets. These are from thee top list of the hot gadgets:

Project Natal

Microsoft revealed their coming product Xbox Project Natal which is going to release in November 2010. This is the first game control system of its type with which the gamer plays using gestures and spoken commands rather than joy stick or other game control hardware. Its TV mounted camera detects the movements of gamers’ body.  This great development in gaming technology will really get significant place in future and attract the gamers.

HP Slate

HP Notebook Slate is also revealed by Microsoft. This small hot gadget is capable of multi-touch technology and runs through windows. Its technical specifications are not yet revealed but it is expected to run application like computer.

Samsung Transparent OLED Laptop

Samsung’s new amazing technology gadget is being exhibited at CES 2010. It is a 14 inch transparent screen Laptop in white color body. Its look is stunning and unique in itself. It is the world’s first and largest transparent prototype with 40% transparency. I hope it will be well commercialized to stay long.

LBO Light Touch

In CES 2010 going on, Light Blue Optic (LBO) Company has introduced their laser based gadget. It carries a pico projector along with an infrared sensor. This is a small gadget which comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity feature. By default it has 2GB of storage but it is expandable.

LG eXpo Projector

LG really surprised the technology fans by introducing world’s first projector phone, the eXpo Projector. I have already posted about this innovative gadget. This small phone device can help you hold business conference and presentation anywhere enabling you to deliver your presentation through this mini projector. It holds a touch responsive screen and works great as a presentation station.