Apple iPad, A Step Forward to Innovate Computing

6 10 2012

Apple presents another magical and revolutionary technology gadget, the iPad. It is another step toward the innovation and reliability in fast computing. It looks like an e-reader, but it holds much more than that. It is everything that you can expect in your desktop.

Apple iPad is 9.56 x 7.47 x 0.5 inches in size with weight of 0.73 Kg which holds Wi-Fi connectivity and 3G network support. Multi-touch technology screen covers the 9.7 inches of display area with 1024 x 768 pixels resolution. It recognizes English (US & UK), French (Canadian, Swiss), German, Japanese, Dutch, Flemish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Handwriting and Pinyin) and Russian.  It is capable to display several languages on screen simultaneously. iPad comes with three different memory storage capacities i.e. 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Accelerometer and ambient light sensor add the sensor technology of iPad.

It has built-in speakers and microphone, stereo headphone jack and SIM card tray for input/output. Here the SIM card tray comes only with Wi-Fi + 3G model. It battery is strong which is capable to be surfed up to 10 hours on the web. It is easy to charge either with USB or power adapter.

Apple iPade is a revolutionary featured gadget which comes with the following highlights of functionality:

  1. It helps you to store images in crisp view. It provides extra-ordinary quality features for the photo. You can view you images either in an album format or slides.
  2. You can upload images on you iPod directly from camera. It makes it easy to share pictures with friends.
  3. You can hold high quality videos on you iPod with high resolution. You can enjoy videos in big screen mode.
  4. You can easily navigate from one option to another and scroll the pages using the multi-touch and swap technology of Apple iPad. It makes you experience the fast computing.
  5. You can surf internet or any web application. It lets you see single web page at a time but holds the great quality sharp images. You really enjoy working with it. iPad really made the web surfing easier and intuitive.
  6. Apple iPad enables you to send email with attachments. You can split screen in two parts to see the email message and inbox at a time. It makes you enjoy typing emails like never before.
  7. You can enjoy and download videos from YouTube. You just need to tap the video you want to see and it will open for you in full screen mode.
  8. You can store iTunes, music, TV shows, movies and many more using the iPad store. It is more than fun with iPad.
  9. You can store or download any application of your need from the application store of iPad. It is easy with iPad that is already running almost 140,000 applications.
  10. You can customize your home-screen with any setting you want it to be.
  11. You can search anything using the Spotlight Search option across your iPad.
  12. Moreover it supports the features of notes, contact book, maps, calendar, reading online books and many more you want to have in your computer.

iPad is thin and light weighted to carry. It’s really amazing to have so many things in a small handheld gadget. It can perform far better than any tablet computer. Apple has announced this awesome looking smart gadget in $499 which is really compatible with its high featured technology.


HP Window 7 Slate

15 01 2012

HP introduced a multi-purpose handheld gadget that is not only an ebook reader, but also a movie player and a fantastic mini computing system. It is called HP Slate. HP called it “the future of media consumption” at CES 2010 event.

HP Slate does not only hold multi-touch technology but also the swap technology that makes it favorite to users. You can either touch or swap the screen to switch quickly between menus. Moreover it has buttons on its sides and audio jack. It is running the Windows 7 and NYT applications. It can play music and videos with great quality and also entertains you with different game applications when you don’t want to do anything else.

Complete specification detail is not yet explained to know this gadget completely. It is expected to be launched till the end of 2010. An estimated price is around $1,500 but HP has not confirmed it. I hope HP Slate is not a rumor gadget just to quench the thirst of users with enthusiasm for latest technology news.

Apple iPad Making Record Pre-sales

15 03 2010

Apple has started making reservations and pre-sales for iPad and they received large number of orders on the first day of their sale on Friday. Though this tablet computer iPad is not officially launched but it became very popular among the technology lovers and inspired them to put their orders in anticipation. Officially it was announced to be launched on April 3.

Apple accepted 120,000 pre-orders on Friday only and sold around 119,987 sets of iPad and it is still in process. CNN reports that Apple allows 2 iPad units each person to pre-order but not more than 2. Before ha official launch of this tablet computer, it is hitting the peak of sales and has surpassed the estimates and predictions about its sale.

The most pre-order model of Apple iPad has been Wi-Fi-only which was recorder up to 70% of advance order sales. The rest of pre-orders consist of Wi-Fi plus 3G model which makes 30% of the advance sales. Initially it is going to be launched in USA, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and UK. We are seeing the incredible sales, increasing value and market share of iPad in near future.

Notion Ink Adam Tablet has been announced

15 02 2010

Hardly a few weeks have passed when Apple announced their iPad. On seeing the popularity of tablet computers, many other companies have also decided to make their own tablet. No doubt, e-readers and tablet computers are gaining more popularity with people for its portability and touch technology. It is also giving enhanced market share to the manufacturing companies. To make the tablet market wider and compete the Apple gadget iPad, Notion Ink has announced to make their tablet named Notion Ink Adam Tablet.

Notion Ink Adam Tablet is announced to be a 10.1 inch touch-responsive screen with multiple touch functionality. Its screen is going to hold 1024 x 600 pixels of resolution with 6.3 x 9.8 x 0.6 inches of dimensions and 1.7 lbs of weight. Adam Tablet holds Pixel Qi transflective display. It is capable of playing full HD video on it. It is both an e-reader and a typical computer screen. New Adam Tablet will run through Nvidia Tegra platform.

Adam Tablet is expected to hold built-in speakers and microphone, GPS, digital compass and 3MP camera with great results of digital data. It is capable to hold up to 32GB of memory storage that is extendable via SD card memory storage. The initial price is expected to be approximately $325. It is really smart and stunning in look.

We will be able to convey more detailed specification and feature list when it is announced by Notion Ink. But it is expected to be really competent to Apple iPad.

Apple Tablet Computer Coming Soon

6 01 2010

We have been hearing the launching of Apple Tablet Computer from the year 2009. But there was no finalized news from the Apple Inc. if it is rumor or a fact that they are going to release a Tablet Computer. But now the Tablet Computer is confirmed. It has been a long-awaited product of Apple ever which users waited anxiously for. It has been in the top news and discussions even before the launching. It is expected that they will began shipping it from March 2010, though it is not finalized yet.

This amazing product of Apple Inc. is expected to be small hand-held device of around 10 inches with touch screen functions. It is going to be a powerful multimedia portable device which you can carry with you anywhere. You can enjoy music, movies, TV shows, games, graphics, web surfing, e-book reading and many more. Detailed specifications will be known only after Apple unveils.

It is heard that Apple has rented San Francisco venue for January 27 to unveil this major product. They are going to announce Tablet in this great event. But nobody knows if it is going to be held really on January 27 or it is another rumor.

Like past year 2009, the iPhone and New iMac have been on the top news of hot gadgets and still we talk about those products by Apple. No doubt the year 2010 is going to be a year of Apple Tablet Computer as we see the festiveness of Tablet Computer. But let’s see when it comes to the hands of users and rumors turn into real.