Top 5 Beauty Gadget Gifts for Women

14 11 2011

Women have been conscious about their beauty and always care about it. The facial beauty has been more important to them ever. They are always seen anxious in adopting modern technology and tips for enhancing their facial beauty. Modern technology innovations and developments have made it easier for them to apply those beauty tips easily at home without having side effects. The latest beauty gadgets did not only help them develop their confidence but this confidence also supported them to indulge in more social activities with strong position.

Modern technology in beauty gadgets is no less than a blessing for all women equally and especially for those who find less time for personal care from their busy working routines. A beauty gadget can be more exciting and lovable gift for women. Here you can see some ideas about Christmas presents for females.

Nitrogen Wave Power Cleanser

This is a small gadget that can be easily held in one hand. It works with vibration on your facial skin. Its soft and smooth surface vibrates on skin and cleans away the dirt and makeup form skin spots easily. It works 10x deeper, faster and smooth than any traditional cleanser. It has two different speeds for different actions, one for gentle cleansing and second for deeper pore cleansing. It safely removed the dead skin cells and makes the facial skin soft, smooth and gorgeous. It is not harmful to your facial skin at all. Using Nitrogen Wave Power Cleanser is quite easy.

Zeno Acne Treatment

Zeno is the best gadget for acne and pimple treatment. It does not only help you get ride of acne on your facial skin but also to protect you from acne threats. It is helpful to get ride of acnes without any medication and using Zeno device is quite easy.

Zeno device can be held in palm easily and works by heating up your skin up to 120 degree with heat-shock proteins, which safely kills the bacteria causing acne on your skin. Zeno can be used up to 3 times daily and its heat does not harm or burn the sensitive skin cells at all. It can be used for facial skin excluding the delicate eye area.

Curling Iron

Usually women take more time when they need to go for a party. They want to look prettier with fewer efforts. Curling iron helps them to make gorgeous hair style at home with less efforts and little practice. This small tool can give several hot looks to your hair to show you more beautiful. It can be a good gift for a beauty conscious woman.

Fyola Facial Massager

Facial massager does not only give a smooth and soft massage to your face but it also work for many other treatments to your facial skin problems. Everybody knows that massage leaves remarkably good effects on skin. So this gadget has made the facial massage easier at home. With facial massage, your skin will look younger, healthier, fresh and smooth. This small portable gadget is handheld and slows down the aging effects and wrinkles. Facial massager stimulates the blood circulation in skin and provides good exercise for facial muscles. In short, it helps you keep you looking younger for long. It can be good gift for women over 40.

Artemis Women Heel Smoother

Hard and dry heels are not liked by any women. Specially in winter season, it becomes a tough battle to get ride of this problem. Artemis Heel Smoother makes your heels soft and smooth. Its rotating power tip removes the dead and hard skin of heels softly and protects the skin from growing dead again. You don’t need to use blades or hard stones for your tender heels when Artemis Heel Smoother is there for it. This gadget can be good gift idea.

USB Gadget Gifts For Comfort

14 09 2011

Modern inventions in science and technology have come to play very important role in not only the industries and business but also on our personal lives. Gadgets and gizmos are not only for our professional life but also greatly influence our personal life. It is making more advancement for the comfort of computer users in form of modern gadgets.

You can send gadget gifts to your friends and loved ones for their comfort. Are you wondering what it would be?

Gifts for Comfort:

There are many gadgets which we use in our daily life comfort. The best gift for your friend can be USB device which can cause them feel good comfort. Examples you can see here:

USB Eye-warmer: When you feel tired after working on computer for long hours, it is necessary to keep the mind and body relaxed for good performance and output. USB Eye-warmer gives your eyes a break from continues stress. It works by providing heat to your eyes. It can be good gift to your friend who is regular user of computer.

USB Hand-warmer: It keeps your hands warm and safe. Once you get your hands warmer, you can remove USB cable from the post and keep wearing the gloves. It can be used in any settings like you are home or office, playing some games or working on your desktop. They come in many designs. It can be a good gift for both males and females.

USB Foot-warmer: It is another type of comfort for you. You can wear it to keep your foot warm and safe when you feel tired. It is fit to use in any atmosphere like home or office. Once you make it warmer, you can remove the USB cable and move anywhere you want.

USB Mouse: Mouse is one of the most used components of the computer. Almost all of the time you spend on your desktop, it works in your hands. Your mouse is ideal if it takes less space to move on, clicks on the accurate pixels and holds good cursor movement. So you may need to upgrade it often. It can be either optical or non-optical. USB mouse can be a good gift for your friend to enjoy the advantage. Now days they are coming in more advanced and attractive designs. A good design mouse will not only of good use for your friends but it will also entertain them.

USB Lunchbox-warmer: it can work for you when you are at office or even leaving for travel. It keeps your lunch hot and fresh for you. You can enjoy the original freshness of your edibles like home. It works by plugging-in the USB cable into available USB port of your computer/laptop.

USB Fan for Laptop: while using laptop at office, home or outside, sometimes tight air or crowd causes you feel uncomfortable. You can use a USB fan with your laptop to bring refreshing air for you while you are working. It looks really interesting that one of your laptop USB port serves you as a source of air. You can use it simply by clipping it on any side of your laptop screen and plugging-in the cable into the available USB port.

USB Desk Vacuum: Small in size, but works great. It serves you to make your desktop neat and clean within seconds. When you insert the USB cable into your system’s available port and switch on the vacuum, it works quickly to absorb the scrap from your desk and makes your workstation crumb-free workable for you. Cost does not matter if you feel it is a good gift for your friend.

USB Whirl Wind Warmer Cup: While you are busy with your books or computer, sometimes you don’t take notice of the cup of tea or coffee on your table getting cold. Sometimes it really frustrates. But USB whirl wind warmer cup takes seconds to not only get your tea or coffee hot but it also prepares it for you. It works by plugging-in the USB cable into available USB port of your computer. It can be good gift and easy to pack.

Little Black Book Case Available for iPhone

20 07 2010

Good news for the iPhone fans!

Little Black Book Case is now available for iPhone 4 that was first available only to iPad and iPhone 3Gs. Its look and feel is just like a little traditional notebook filled with papers  and used with pen but inside is  actually your iPhone. This unique looking case will definitely protect your iPhone and give it a charming look. This is a slim and stylish phone case best to save your iPhone from scratches and sudden harms.  Its not wrong to say that it can  secure your iPhone to be stolden.

Its lid opens by flipping which enables you to type on it horizontally and  it really looks classic in this case. When you finish using it, you simply close the lid and wrap the band over it again

Though it is wrapped in the case but still you are able to use its necessary ports.  It comes in customized sizes for your iPhone that means it is not only the one fit to iPhone 4. You can place your order for the size that fits your phone even for iPad. This iPhone accessory has made carrying iPhone more convenient and handy and I think tiny gadgets like these get popular very fat as compared to the big ones.

Definitely all iPhone holders will love it. Depending on its size, Black Book Case for iPad comes with $55 and for iPhone it comes with $40 of price.

Vibrating Seats Alert

10 07 2010

A student of Yale University has designed car seat that keeps the driver alert and aware about the outer environment. Now you don’t need the visual or sound alerts; it makes you alert just by touching it. It is really a wonderful idea and you will feel that you are playing video games. I am definitely going to try it. It is really helpful to save you from several accidents. We can say that this new technology will decrease the rate of accidents.

In this system vibrating cell phone motors are used and set in the driver seat. The seat vibrates lightly during the travel. When any other vehicle come near the car then sensors give message to seat that pushes the driver seat back. This indicates the position of nearby car. It is just a concept product and hope we will soon see this product in the market and many of us can take safety measure against accidents.

Sony’s Smallest 3D Cameras in the World

9 07 2010

The good news about Sony is that they have released their new model cameras DSC-TX9 and DSC-WX5 and it is the smallest 3D cameras of the world having 3D images with singles lens for sweeping motion. DSC-TX9 that comes with a 3.5″ 921k resolution LCD touch screen display and DSC-WX5 support 2.8″ LCD display. They will show you images in unique and wonderful way.

With the feature of sweep multi angle, we are capable to see images in 3D cameras. You will be astonished by knowing that this new camera takes 15 images from different angles and then creates them into single 3D display. Many photographers would enjoy this advanced technology.

TX9 and WX5 models also come with 12.2-megapixel, background defocus and superior auto mode. You can capture your happy moments in full HD videos due to AVCHD format that is applied in Sony’s high-definition Handy cam camcorders. Both cameras have include Optical Steady Shot image stabilization and are capable to select whether to use Memory Stick PRO Duo, class 4 or above SD/SDHC memory card formats. You can get them with the cost price of

• TX9 for $400
• T99 for$250
• WX5 for $300