Doggie Fountain is Self Served

14 06 2010

Fountains are the best source of refreshing yourself and the environment. If we talk about pet fountains for refreshment of pets then we can found plenty of pet fountains. Most of the pet fountains remain on every time and almost create disturbance for everyone. But if you want to control this outflow of your water fountain then must go and bring Doggie Fountains. It doesn’t allow water to flow constantly but it flow water whenever your pets activate it.

You can enjoy this pet fountain by attaching it to your garden pipe and adjust the height by muddling water pressure. This is one the best way for dogs to acquire cool and fresh water when it’s really a hot day. There is no need to worry about the refilling of the water pots. Your pet fountain will work only when your pets put the steps on that metal plate carrying water fountain. This is one of the good inventions to facilitate your pet as well as to save water of this world. Doggies Fountain is available for only $39.98.

Avatar Vehicles and Action Figures

6 04 2010

Avatar is a bombastic hit movie on box office and children loved to watch this movie again and again. There are a large number of toys of avatar and kids are already hollering for these unique toys. Latest toy collection of Avatar includes Avatar vehicles such as “AMP Suit, RDA Grinder and Scorpion Gunship. This collection also has wide variety of highly thrilled and verbalized creatures and action figures. These all creatures are created according to degree of their likeness in film. Every avatar toy has its own unique i-Tag which can create a 3-D, augmented-reality image of all toys on computer screen with the help of webcam.

Avatar vehicles and action figures are available in range of $8.99 and $26.99. These all toys are for children having age of 6 years or up. You can download i-Tag software from this site.