Vibrating Seats Alert

10 07 2010

A student of Yale University has designed car seat that keeps the driver alert and aware about the outer environment. Now you don’t need the visual or sound alerts; it makes you alert just by touching it. It is really a wonderful idea and you will feel that you are playing video games. I am definitely going to try it. It is really helpful to save you from several accidents. We can say that this new technology will decrease the rate of accidents.

In this system vibrating cell phone motors are used and set in the driver seat. The seat vibrates lightly during the travel. When any other vehicle come near the car then sensors give message to seat that pushes the driver seat back. This indicates the position of nearby car. It is just a concept product and hope we will soon see this product in the market and many of us can take safety measure against accidents.


World’s Largest Airship

21 05 2010

If you want to have your own airship like Max Zorin from last Roger Moore James Bond film “A View to a Kill” then you can get Bullet 580 for about $8 million. You can also rent it for about $300,000.

The picture of ship was taken inside Alabama’s Garret Coliseum. There are some more numbers on this airship. It can hold up to 2000 lbs worth of weight and travel 20,000 feet (6,096 m) high and it can go at 35 miles per hour with a top speed of 80.

Try Office 2010 Free for Six Months

18 05 2010

Now you can try out Office 2010 for 180 days instead of usual 30 days. You should say thanks to a little-know trick designed for corporate users.  This tool enables systems administration to “re-arm” product’s grace period up to five times before they need to enter product’s activation key. Home users can take advantage of same trick to get them a free six-month trial. Microsoft certify that a short command documented on its TechNet support pages, enable users to reset office 2010’s activation timer before they need to enter 25 character product key. All they need to do is to run a file called ospprearm.exe at command prompt. This file is found in C:\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Office Software Protection Platform by default.

This file can be run up to five times. If users reset the activation counter each time then they can elapse 30-days trial period and can extend trial to a maximum 180 days before they have to supply an activation key. The reset feature of Microsoft office is not a bug and Microsoft says it’s aimed at enterprise administration, enabling them to create software images that they can use to deploy operating system to a number of systems over a period of months. The reset technique must be used on a full copy of Office 2010 rather than a time-limited trial, which comes with its own time limited activation code which must be entered when the first software installed.

We Will Notice New MSN Look for Homepage

12 03 2010

Microsoft MSN has announced re-designing of their homepage. It is going to be somewhat different from before. All Microsoft MSN users will be able to see this make-over within few weeks on their MSN homepage. Users will feel and experience different features and design with more convenience.

The new design provides you easy and quick access to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can easily make postings on Twitter and change the status of Facebook account while staying at homepage. You will be able to see a list of most popular topics and stories. You can also get tweets from the users and local blog post updates. Already there are 50% of Bing searches driven from Microsoft MSN. So the new beta design may or may not be affecting those 50% search which is Microsoft is aware of.

In the new MSN design, you can see the emails arriving right on your homepage. You will get alert of new email when it hits your mailbox. Homepage’s blue background takes less area than before and number of text blocks is also reduced. Now it will be holding fewer categories with more white space. You can make search from Bing more easily and quickly with more powerful results. The new modified look makes it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for within seconds, as it include less ads and contents on homepage now.

Microsoft ‘ballot box’, A great Choice for Windows Users

24 02 2010

Microsoft is going to launch Microsoft Ballot Screen for their UK, France and Belgium window users. Ballot box is a list of browsers that will be available in Microsoft Windows by default that will ask the user’s choice for web browser. Ballot box will ask the user when they switch their window on which web browser they would like to install for their web based tasks. Ballot box holds a list of browsers like FireFox, Safari, Chrome and Opera along with Internet Explorer with options of more information about the browsers. This innovative feature of Microsoft Window will be available to users simply by Windows Update service. User will be able to check and install any web browser that suits to them.

This innovative feature settlement is the part of agreement that Microsoft made with European Commission in last December. It happened after a long anti-trust dispute of 10 years between Microsoft and European Commission. This is the big achievement of Microsoft to include world’s top five web browsers in their Windows program by default.

Windows ‘ballot box’ will enable the window users to experience quality web-browsing with multiple choice of browsers at same place. It is another step toward easier and faster computing that provides the alternate of Internet Explorer to Window users. But unfortunately, this feature will be available to European window users only. I hope Microsoft will make efforts to spread this window feature to other countries as well and make them get benefit of this scheme. Ballot box is going to be a part of Microsoft Windows Updates from March 1. That mean it is just a few days far fro the users.