We Will Notice New MSN Look for Homepage

12 03 2010

Microsoft MSN has announced re-designing of their homepage. It is going to be somewhat different from before. All Microsoft MSN users will be able to see this make-over within few weeks on their MSN homepage. Users will feel and experience different features and design with more convenience.

The new design provides you easy and quick access to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can easily make postings on Twitter and change the status of Facebook account while staying at homepage. You will be able to see a list of most popular topics and stories. You can also get tweets from the users and local blog post updates. Already there are 50% of Bing searches driven from Microsoft MSN. So the new beta design may or may not be affecting those 50% search which is Microsoft is aware of.

In the new MSN design, you can see the emails arriving right on your homepage. You will get alert of new email when it hits your mailbox. Homepage’s blue background takes less area than before and number of text blocks is also reduced. Now it will be holding fewer categories with more white space. You can make search from Bing more easily and quickly with more powerful results. The new modified look makes it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for within seconds, as it include less ads and contents on homepage now.


Yahoo Brings Facebook and Twitter on Yahoo Mail

21 01 2010

Yahoo is going to make their users enjoy more with the Yahoo Mail features. Yahoo is planning to add features of Facebook and Twitter social networks available at Yahoo Mail by the end of 2010.

With this interactive effort, users will be able to enjoy their Facebook and Twitter network at Yahoo homepage and similarly the Yahoo contents on these social networks. The senior Vice President of Yahoo Consumer Product, Bryan said, “With the integration of Yahoo and Facebook, we can enable users to share meaningful contents with their friends.” This is the good opportunity for Yahoo to rise up from the down market share that it faced in the past months. Users will experience the richer features of both Yahoo and Facebook. They will be able to stay updated with Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Weather etc while staying at Facebook. They can share photos, news, stories, comments, contacts and many more on Yahoo while they are signed in with Facebook account. The same way, Yahoo users can also interact with their Yahoo and Facebook friends simultaneously. Users will be able to change or update their status right from the Yahoo homepage.

Collaboration of these two wide networks will provide the users with excellent united network of great worth and productivity. They will experience a wider and richer network including the features of both Yahoo and Facebook. People who use both Yahoo and Facebook will be able to share and transfer updates and contents with each others. It will increase their social networking experience by connecting with both networks simultaneously. It will also be helpful for Yahoo to drag and attract its users back to Yahoo Mail.