Yahoo! Slipping Its Market Vs Google

13 08 2012

According to the market survey report made by Experian Hitwise, (an online market tracker), the month of October and November has not been so good for Yahoo Inc. and its partner. Hitwise reported that Yahoo! has decreased in its market share from 16.14% to 15.39% in November, while Google is still capturing the share of 71.57% of online market. This report represents that from the total searches made worldwide, Google is capturing more than 71% and Yahoo! capturing more than 15% only. It is an exciting news for Google but an alarming sign for Yahoo!. If Yahoo! does not maintain good market share, its deal with Microsoft will be adding no profits.

There may be a lot of reasons for the slipping share of online market for Yahoo!. From the time Yahoo! started partnership with Microsoft Corp., Yahoo is continuously going towards loss of market share, while the partnership of Google and Bing proved very beneficial for Google. Google really started giving more real time search results to the users. Also Google is continues to pour its efforts and investments to innovate its search features and results. Bing’s market hare also slipped from 9.57% to 9.34% in November. All anticipated benefits of Yahoo! are going to be blunt in their partnership.

Let’s see what the new year brings for Yahoo! online market share. Yahoo! needs to work harder to hit the huge difference of market share form Google and rise up from the continuous market share slipping.