Justbeats by Dr. Dre- A Classic Headphone Range

13 12 2010

There has been a new addition to the Beats family that is Monster Justbeats in-ear and over-ear headphones. This new addition was introduced in alliance with the music icon Justin Bieber. They are proved to be the best high quality headphone, Beats have ever made. It provides a rich listening experience to the young teens that were habitual of listening the music on ordinary ear buds.

Favorite Color of Justin Bieber

Both the in-ear and over-ear headphones have very attractive and bright colors. The former have matte purple color and the later having a purple chrome finish. The reason of using the purple color is that it is Justin’s favorite color.


Justbeats by Dr. Dre has truly proved to be a classic headphone range. Each pair of both the headphones is designed in such a way that meets the most challenging specifications. These specifications were required to transform songs in digital form so that the listener can enjoy all music styles like hip-hop, rock etc.


The Justbeats by Dr. Dre has many exclusive features including:

  • It is provided with a well-built case and has a folding design which makes the portability trouble-free.
  • It has isolation technology powered by Monster Cable.
  • It can respond to a frequency ranging from 20HZ to 20KHZ.
  • It is featured with driver technology that is recently developed which gives unbelievable transient response.
  • In order to answer the calls on iPhone, this product is provided with iSoni talk cable.
  • It is quite comfortable and lightweight.  The on-ear headphones have been set in a way that keeps the noise out of ear.
  • It is featured with a complete control like volume, play, pause, tracking etc.
  • It is easy to be stored in bags, suitcases, and even jackets.

Due to these features, this product deserves to be known as Justbeats by Dr. Dre- A Classic Headphone Range.


It will be soon provided in US retail stores. Their prices are as follows:

  • In-ear Headphones: $119.95
  • On-ear Headphones: $199.95


Aroma’s AD335 Touch-Screen Phone!

28 10 2010

Mumbai: Aroma Mobile is a latest contestant in the mobile accessories segment and today proclaimed its first touch screen phone that is Aroma AD335.

Aroma AD335 is a stylish Dual SIM touch screen phone with a stylish 2.0 TFT screen, packed with all multimedia features that are top most necessities for your phone. It is available with Bluetooth, digital camera, video player and recorder in order to ensure your entrance in entertainment world.

Its storage capacity is enough that one can store 1000 contacts in phonebook, not only this, memory is expandable up to 4 GB. Aroma AD335 is equipped with GPRS, WAP and MMS connectivity, so you will be able to come closer to your contacts and updates.

Some of its unique features are:

  • Mobile tracker
  • Torch
  • Voice changer/background sound and auto call recording

This phone is available at price of Rs 2299/-.

Mr Pawan Chadha (Director- Sales, Marketing & Service), Aroma Mobiles and Accessories Pvt Ltd, said, “We are always evolving and trying to patronise customers with something new. With AD355, is our first endeavor with touch screen technology” while speaking on the launch of first touch screen mobile phone.

Further he said, “It enables the budget so that an average man can boldly proclaim- “I can enjoy premium features at an affordable price with my AROMA AD335.”

Hands-Free Accessory by WristOffice

2 08 2010

Hands-free is a very common accessory for mobile phones then how iPhone can miss it. Apple got a third party solution to tackle the death grip issue with holding the iPhone in traditional way and WristOffice played role in it. It’s really cool as compared to old traditional hands-free devices for mobiles.

This is about the hands-free accessory from WristOffice that has designed hands-free accessory for iPhone 4. WristOffice claims that the users will not face losing the signals from antenna as they hold the iPhone. This accessory is like a wrist-band that holds the iPhone in it.

Though personally I did not like much this accessory but it may attract the users only for it is an iPhone 4 accessory which is the latest mobile of Apple. On the other hand, it may also interest the users who want the antenna signals issues solved; they may adopt this hands-free accessory. It is not only used with iPhones but most of the other mobiles, too. Price of this accessory is not yet known.

Little Black Book Case Available for iPhone

20 07 2010

Good news for the iPhone fans!

Little Black Book Case is now available for iPhone 4 that was first available only to iPad and iPhone 3Gs. Its look and feel is just like a little traditional notebook filled with papers  and used with pen but inside is  actually your iPhone. This unique looking case will definitely protect your iPhone and give it a charming look. This is a slim and stylish phone case best to save your iPhone from scratches and sudden harms.  Its not wrong to say that it can  secure your iPhone to be stolden.

Its lid opens by flipping which enables you to type on it horizontally and  it really looks classic in this case. When you finish using it, you simply close the lid and wrap the band over it again

Though it is wrapped in the case but still you are able to use its necessary ports.  It comes in customized sizes for your iPhone that means it is not only the one fit to iPhone 4. You can place your order for the size that fits your phone even for iPad. This iPhone accessory has made carrying iPhone more convenient and handy and I think tiny gadgets like these get popular very fat as compared to the big ones.

Definitely all iPhone holders will love it. Depending on its size, Black Book Case for iPad comes with $55 and for iPhone it comes with $40 of price.

VIOlight Cell Phone Sanitizer

19 06 2010

VIOlight, works in all types of sanitizers to make different things stay sanitary. Nowadays they are working on different sanitizers like on toothbrush and for without teeth there is denture sanitizer. For common things they have UV baton, but currently they’re working on mobile phones. Everybody knows that phones are totally disgusting when we talk about germs but VIOlight has determined to truly do great about it.

Their UV light gadgets will protect 99% from germs and bacteria. That contains E coli, listeria, salmonella, step and the renowned H1N1 flu virus. This works on AA batteries and provides guarantee to clean all kinds of small gadgets. The catalog contains cell phones, ear buds, headphones, PDAs and so on, and for the whole process it takes only 3 minutes. You can get them at $49.95 cost but they are not out yet. Their availability is expected in coming October.

Cordless Wall Charger for iPhone

12 06 2010

Many of us have iPhones, no doubt having iPhone make you feel special for such an innovative gadget. Many people already have bought iPhone but how can you distinguish them from yourself if you have bought now? Every new advancement in the Apple’s technology makes its customers feel the difference and excitement. They are working their best for their customer satisfaction. By spending only $29.99 you can get new cordless wall charger for iPhone.

With help of this charger, you can charge your iPhone and iPod fast rather than regular charger. If we talk about its pivoting feature then you can charge your iPhone without wire and cables and it can be hanged on any wall of your room with help of a socket.

If we compare it with USB over the computer then it is much beneficial one of the faster way to charge an iPhone. The Cordless Wall Charger is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPod classic and iPod nano. This is one of the good achievements of Apple to grab its potential customers

Penthouse Cell Phone Watch

20 05 2010

Penthouse is a world’s smallest super cell phone. It has 1.5 inch touch screen, dual SIM card slots and is fully unlocked for use of any network of choice. It also has Bluetooth connectivity and it also includes a free Bluetooth earset for hands-free communication. It also has a complete “Multimedia Center” that includes a camera, image viewer, video recorder, video player, audio player, sound recorder and FM radio.

It also has one additional feature like PDA tools including calculator, calendar and alarm. You can easily fit it on your wrist. It is like a calling mobile phone and a playboy phone. You can get it in just $113 on the Chinavision site.