Samsung Reveals Incredible Lens Camera, NX10

8 04 2012

The International Consumer Electronic show 2010 will be remembered for lots of things. It brought a lot of revolutionary electronics, devices and gadgets for the technology lovers. Samsung NX10 is one of those innovative developments that were displayed on CES 2010.

Samsung unveiled their excellent digital camera, the NX10, for the user’s convenience specially the photographers. NX10 promises to bring great revolution in the field of photography.

Samsung NX10 comes with the following technical specifications:

  1. This is CMOS type of camera of 3.0 inches display screen to show you preview, 4.23 x 3.43 x 1.57 inches in dimensions and weight only 0.77 lbs.
  2. Image sensor is approximately 15.1 megapixel out of which 14.6 is effective.
  3. Speed is 1/4,000sec to 30sec manual.
  4. It is capable to work in different modes including Single, Continuous, Burst, Self-Timer, Bracket etc.
  5. Available flash modes are Smart Flash, Auto, Auto + Red-eye reduction, Fill-in, Fill-in + Red-eye reduction, 1st Curtain, 2nd Curtain and Off TTL Auto Pop-up Flash.
  6. External flash is also available, like SEF-42A and SEF-20A that can be optionally used with NX10.
  7. Synchronization speed is less than 1/80sec.
  8. NX10 is capable to cover the images from 28mm wide angle.
  9. It supports the SD and SDHC media.
  10. It can hold and recognize data in RAW (SRW), JPEG (EXIF 2.21), DCF, DPOF 1.1, PictBridge 1.0 file formats.
  11. It has editing option for images when it stores image data on it. Available editing style are Red-eye fix, Back light comp., Photo style selector, Resize, Rotate, Face re-touching.
  12. You can view your stored images in different styles like single image, thumbnail, slide show or movie.
  13. NX10 supports hi-speed 2.0 USB for digital input/output.
  14. You can download/output movies clips captured by NX10 using DC 9.0V power connector.
  15. Battery-life is approximately 3 hours 30 min to capture 400 shots.

NX10 comes with a lot of innovative and attractive features that you will reveal when you hold it in your hand to capture images and video. Some of its features are described here.

CMOS sensor makes it a rich photographic tool to capture natural and high-quality colors for still pictures and movies. It is capable to automatically minimize the noise and increase the quality remarkable without degrading it. It has 3 inches AMOLED display screen contrary to older digital cameras which gives you response 3,000 times faster than any LCD display with sharp and crisp preview results and outstanding colors. You can use it with little expertise and it is easy to handle. You can easily and faster navigate through its menus and setting.

A very prominent feature of NX10 is that its sensor is always protected from dust particles. Its sensor vibrates 60,000 times per second that prevents the dust particles to stay on its sensor. You can manage your picture and video folders in smart albums that are made to store your digital data. You can set any mode while capturing images and video, for instance beauty shot. NX10 offers to change the modes at the time of capturing. For instance, using Beauty Shot mode, you can get beautiful portrait shots with every images you take. Using its Smart rang feature, NX10 makes the extreme spots balanced. For instance, if some spots in mages or video are too bright, it prevents the image to be seen saturated and if some spots are too dark, it prevents to show them too dark.

NX10 was displayed in January at CES and soon it will be available to users with its smart fantastic look. Displayed NX10 was in black color. This incredible lens camera is expected to get the price approximately $449.0, but it is not yet confirmed from Samsung.

Samsung Launches 4 New Smartphones in India

25 11 2010

Samsung electronic equipment and handset maker released four new Smartphones in Indian market on Wednesday. Three of this series are under its Wave series namely:

  • Wave 525
  • Wave 533
  • Wave 723

One is from Omnia series and its name is Omnia 652.

This new line of smartphones is available with the price range of Rs 8,800 and Rs 13,500. These handsets strengthen Samsung’s commitment towards enhancing and democratizing the smartphone experience in India.

The handsets of Wave series are based on Samsung ‘Bada’ operating system and Omnia 652 is based on Windows 6.5. This new series has come with:

  • GPS-enabled
  • 3.2 inch QWVGA touchscreen
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • 100 MB internal memory that is expandable up to 16 GB from a free 2 GB card

This new smartphone range contains eight phones with Android, bada and Windows podium.

Samsung Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile at Price $699

1 11 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile is a highly anticipated tab and is available at price $699. This mobile is available from for pre-order. Amazon is claiming that it has already sweetened the deal with $50% discount and $699 is reasonable price for an average customer.  Galaxy Tab is going to be released on November 10th.

This mobile has a tiered data schema with rates of $25/month for 200MB. The “unlimited plan” is limited to 5GB speed on data transfer is $40/month. Samsung Galaxy Tab has a number of advantages and these benefits make it an appealing option for consumers over Apple’s iPad. First advantage of this tab is that it is running Android that is enough good reason to many people to choose it. Secondly, a smaller screen is more desirable for customers and this tab is well equipped with this feature. It has a 7-inch screen as compared to the iPad’s 10-inch screen. Here small means lighter and more portable. It is available with a higher pixel density than the iPad therefore much easier on the eyes for readers. Its excellent camera result can well estimated by having a look on picture shown below.

Lastly, Galaxy Tab is well equipped with some of the basics that Apple has yet to release on the iPad where first and foremost is multi-tasking, or switching between apps without having to quit one at a time. This tab is also come up with two cameras, one in front while the other in back. This is a feature that is recently released in Apple’s iPhone 4 and still unavailable on the iPad.

If you are thinking to buy it then you can pr-order it now for shipping in a time of one week as describe earlier that it is available on Amazon for pre-order.


Samsung Brings Galaxy Tab to counter iPad

30 10 2010

On Friday, Samsung commenced its 7-inch touchscreen Galaxy Tab that is iPad competitor. This is launched in India and company said that India is among three companies throughout the world where it is launching galaxy tab first. This device is equipped with the latest version of Google’s operating software for mobile devices named Android Froyo.

This tablet will hit the market from November 10 at a price of Rs 38,000.  A research analyst said the fact that Apple is yet to launch its tablet formally in India could work out in favor of Samsung. Dissimilar with iPad which is a 10-inch tab, Galaxy Tab contains a smaller screen. But it make possible making and receiving calls through a Bluetooth-enabled headset, something that iPad doesn’t permit.

There is a stipulation among users for device that permits for rich computing experience on move. This demand is easily satisfied by Galaxy Tab. Ranjit Yadav, director (mobile & IT) at Samsung India said, “We feel demand for tablets is poised to grow phenomenally as users start to experience the limitless potential of this device.”

As Apple launched iPad early this year, small touchscreen computing devices have seen an enormous growth. In accordance to Research Mason, over 24 million tablets are anticipated to be sold in 2011 throughout the world, amounting to over 100% growth in one year. Samsung said for Galaxy Tab that it has partnered with a variety of telecom companies.

Verizon to Begin Selling Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 11th

25 10 2010

Verizon Wireless has proclaimed today that the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab would be on hand for $600 starting on November 11th. This device will be sold for its full retail price, without any data plan requirements. This tablet will be available on November 11th.

Verizon has proclaimed a $20 month-to-month data plan for Galaxy Tab. It will provide the user up to 1 GB of mobile data on Verizon’s CDMA network. Verizon is offering some unique services bundled into the package, although you won’t be able to make any kind of voice-calls with the new Galaxy Tab. These services are not limited and are:

  • VZ Navigator
  • Slacker Radio
  • V-CAST Music and V-CAST Song ID
  • Kindle for Android
  • Blockbuster on Demand
  • Popular game named “Let’s Golf”

Along with all these facilities, users will also be able to send and receive text, picture and video messaging that is a big plus over the iPad.

One thing is sure. The Galaxy Tab is the first really feasible option to the iPad, and it will show us if the public is willing to buy tablets in general like they do cell phones, or if they are only interested in Apple’s, as happened with its dominant iPad market. We’ll see soon enough in this matter.